3 Unique, Original Ways to Email Large Files


Your most important ideas and projects need to quickly send in their entirety – comfortably and with original quality intact. Push boundaries and creativity of your next project with the ability to share ideas promptly. Here are three ideas on how to email large files.

How to Email Large Files

There are a few different ways to email large files, including compression, cloud programs and other software systems. Compression is a common way to email large files because it’s a widely used method of altering file size, so users are familiar with it.

Maintain Asset Quality With File Compression

The integrity of the data used in any project propels creativity and reinforces an organization’s intentions. It’s important that assets aren’t compromised through the emailing process. An original thought or idea helps teams stay true to the beginning concept.

Use a zip program such as Winzip to make the file temporarily smaller without changing the actual size or quality of the original file. Winzip compresses data into multiple small files. Another way to compress the file is by right-clicking the original file, highlighting ‘send to’ and selecting ‘compress’.

A photo of a compression option on Windows.
Compression helps users email large files.

Use Cloud Programs to Email Large Files

Email systems give straightforward answers concerning how large a file can be. Their limitations are literally measured and given to users in the form of megabytes. However, thinking outside the box allows a team to email large files to each other through these normally restrictive email systems.

Cloud programs have many lesser-known capabilities. One unique way to exploit cloud systems is use Gmail accounts to attach a big file in question to an email by clicking ‘From Drive’. This circumvents the limits of a normal Gmail email and allows a user to send a large file.

Three colleagues in an office, one of them explaining something.
Make projects run smoothly by increasing your ability to email large files.

Enhance Your Marketing Technology Stack

Upgrading to a modern software specifically designed to suit your organization’s needs allows you to email large files safely and quickly. Digital asset management systems not only meet organization’s security needs by protecting their assets, but they also provide an interface that allows users to send large files via email with a unique link that automatically downloads assets when opened.

The leading digital asset management system is DAM by Canto. DAM is an advanced solution for sharing large files in the safest and quickest fashion. DAM is specifically designed to cater to business-oriented organizations.

This integration works in the favor of an organization as their assets are secured through DAM’s systems. DAM provides an original platform that allows teams to email large files in the most secure manner.

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