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Employee Spotlight: Cultivating company culture with Rachel Pisarevich

by Catherine Chiang  |  September 24, 2019

3 min. read
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Rachel Pisarevich is a pillar of the culture at Canto’s San Francisco HQ! Not only does she delight customers as an account manager, but she also livens up the office with her sunny personality and efforts to create a fun and meaningful workplace.

Read about her sources of inspiration, why she chose Canto and her favorite places to eat and drink in SF!

What is your typical day like at Canto?

As an account manager, a typical day for me involves creating relationships with Canto Customers to make their jobs easier inside and outside their Canto account. I also founded and run the office programs, Canto Cares and Women’s Lunch & Learns, to help make our company a fun and empowering place to work. You’ll also find me researching ways to organize the office, planning events and occasionally playing with our office dog Bodhi!

What inspires you and why did you start Canto Cares and Women’s Lunch & Learn?

I am most inspired by my parents. They immigrated to the Bay Area from Belarus before I was born and sacrificed a lot for my brother and me in terms of career and personal growth. They empower me with their selflessness, and in turn, I want to empower the women at Canto.

That’s why I started Women’s Lunch & Learn, which brings together the women in the office to learn from other successful women. We take turns presenting on a woman we think is important, or we bring in a guest speaker. I’m hoping to bring in more speakers for the entire office with Canto Cares.

Canto Cares focuses on volunteering, networking events, employee appreciation, culture, and internal events within our own office. I started Canto Cares because as we grow I didn’t want our culture to get lost in the growth. I want Canto to be an ethical company that doesn’t lose its appreciation for people inside or outside the office.

Rachel Pisarevich in Paris.What’s your favorite thing about the office?

I think my favorite thing about the office is how friendly everyone is with each other. The whole vibe of the office is very relaxed even though everyone is busy hustling! It’s nice to have teams that don’t typically work together sit at the lunch tables talking about their lives outside of work.

Why did you choose to join Canto, and did anything surprise you after joining the team?

I chose Canto because I wanted to work for a smaller company where I could feel like I’m making a bigger impact. When I started I was surprised at how small it actually was, with less than 20 people in the entire San Francisco office at the time! It’s been amazing to see how fast the team has grown. Another thing that surprised me is how much I’ve learned in less than a year here. I’ve had some amazing mentors who have guided me and helped me refine my skills.

Where are the best spots to eat in San Francisco?

There are so many great spots to eat in SF, so it’s hard to choose the best ones! My favorite restaurant is Elephant Sushi on Hyde. It’s small, so there is almost always a wait, but luckily you can grab a glass of wine while you wait at Union and Larder across the street. If you have room for dessert, you can grab Swenson’s ice cream afterward!

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