Meet the Dogs of Canto!

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With our entire company working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, we could all use a reason to look on the bright side. For pet parents, WFH means getting to spend more time with our furry friends; for the rest of us, it means the occasional cute conference call interruption.

This National Puppy Day, meet the dogs of Canto!



Human: Jonathan Laylo

Geordi is a 2-month-old Aussie Doodle who spends his days napping and getting white fur on his human’s all-black outfits. Follow him on Instagram at @heygeordi.



Human: Chelsea Harrington

Bodhi is the SF office heartthrob (and he knows it). Just look at those chestnut locks!



Human: Preston Gomez

Agnes, aka Aggie, is a baseball-loving bulldog living in Durham, NC with her human. Here she is pictured at one of the ballpark’s ‘Bark in the Park’ games!



Human: Thomas Mockenhaupt

Bill hates Mondays.



Human: Cathy Hayward

Sushi loves her toys and giving kisses. Her guilty pleasures include cheese, rolling around in grass and belly rubs. It’s been rumored that she looks like Samuel L. Jackson…but we’ll let you decide that for yourself.



Human: Linus Emekauwa

Bane’s many hobbies include eating, crossing his paws and hiking. His lofty aspirations are to run for mayor and to switch his diet to strictly Mellow Mushroom Pizza (not necessarily in that order).



Human: Christopher Brown

Gracie is purportedly related to Dobby from Harry Potter (no reports yet on what happens when you give her a sock). She secretly loves the camera, but wants to appear humble and shy.



Human: David Rojas

Stevie France-Rojas is a Raleigh based puppy, currently working as Resident Pup of the East Coast Canto Offices 2-3x a week. In her free time, she enjoys boat rides, peanut butter, & playing with her best friend Milo. She is a 3 year old beagle & lab mix, and although she has yet to speak a single word…Stevie is without a doubt the sassiest dog as her side eye mastery rivals none.



Human: Robert Mackey

According to some reports, Sophie is the best hiking dog ever. According to the writer of this blog post, Sophie has the cutest wittle fluffy ears ever.



Human: Mitch Peterson

According to other reports, Abby the border collie loves hikes even more than Sophie. She loves the snow!



Human: Philip Ruddiman

Solo loves eating bananas and wearing bowties! 10/10 would hire.



Human: Brianna Driggs

Kona is a chocolate lab who is obsessed with water bottles and loves to play fetch on the beach. Special skills: very good at begging for food.



Human: Kelli Miller

Lewis is one-and-a-half-year-old rescue boxer and lab mix. He’s a jetsetting pup who traveled with his humans when they moved from Oklahoma to Berlin, and he loves his new city!



Human: Julian Dancel

Sadie is a 6-year-old Maltese poodle mix. She will play fetch until she can no longer stand! And when you stop playing with her, she will put her ball under the bed or couch so you have to get it.



Human: Matthew Keeling

Wilbur is his human’s favorite son. Shh, don’t tell the human children.



Human: Thomas Schleu

Bobby is a Yorkshire Terrier and real-life teddy bear.



Human: Lauren Burke

Chewie, short for Chewbacca, is a leopard gecko, which we have been told is a rare breed of dog. She is very knowledgeable about current affairs because of all the time she spends watching the scrolling news ticker at the bottom of the TV screen.

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