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How marketing teams ramp up remote work with Canto

by Catherine Chiang  |  April 14, 2020

3 min. read
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Traditional workplaces have gotten an unexpected shake-up as many countries around the world practice social distancing to slow down the coronavirus pandemic. Marketing and creative teams that have a way to access and share images and files remotely have a leg up during this unprecedented work from home revolution.

Canto is proud to support our customers making the switch to remote work so that their communities can be safer and healthier, while having the tools to achieve their goals. Here’s how some of our customers are making the most of working remotely with Canto.

Using Upload Links for remote projects

The Canto Portal of University of South Carolina Upstate.

I was totally confident about working remotely because any file that our team needs is on Canto. But even better than that was discovering yet another feature: upload links. It solved a major issue for multiple projects.

See how USC Upstate enables cross-campus collaboration with Canto here.

Sharing content remotely with Canto Portals

Screenshot of the Canto Covid-19 portal of Long & Foster Real Estate.

We love Canto Portals for sharing content with our teams. We have a large footprint – 200+ offices and 10K+ agents from North Carolina to New Jersey – and the Portals enable us to distribute marketing content quickly and easily. Our Portal (dubbed the Marketing Gallery in our world) has been a great resource the past few weeks, so we can share COVID-19 related content. You can view it here.

A comfort in uncertain times

A screenshot of the NWS digital library.

Like many organizations around the world, New World Symphony has had to move towards an entirely-remote staff as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis one day at a time. During these trying times, we as a performing arts organization are committed to continuing to engage with our donors, staff, fellows, and audiences in every way we can to provide not only a welcome escape, but a sense of community. Canto plays a huge role in our efforts and allows us to be at ease, as we know we can rely on the program for the secure storage, organization and sharing of our assets.

Marci and I are lucky in the sense that we have been accustomed to collaborating remotely and in tandem, and I cannot understate how that rather daunting task is made significantly easier since we first implemented Canto into our workflow.

Canto keeps us going with rapid uploads and downloads, focused with its dynamic search, and creative with a workspace that enables real-time collaboration without crowding emails or compromising the integrity of original files.

In times like this, when day-to-day realities cause anxiety and can drain our capacity for attention and creativity, being able to fall back on the organization and security of our assets through Canto is both a welcome relief and comfort.

See how New World Symphony brought their archives into the digital age with Canto here.

A seamless work from home transition

How do I love Canto? Let me count the ways… It’s no exaggeration to say that Canto is my hero right now! We finished migrating our assets and started using Canto just a few weeks before our US team needed to move to work from home. I don’t think we would have all been able to keep working with the product we were using before. With Canto, our domestic and international teams can work together seamlessly from anywhere. And those of us with access to domestic servers can continue to load new assets that were previously unavailable to our international teammates. I’m grateful we’ve been able to get up and running so quickly, and that Canto is so easy to use that the learning curve is almost nonexistent.

The best thing about Canto is that it just works exactly the way you expect. Even before I went through the official training, I found it super intuitive – easy to upload files, easy to find them again, easy to use them with a huge range of design tools (we mostly use it with Adobe Creative Suite). Version control is going to be very helpful for us. I’m also stoked that it’s so easy to customize for our workflow. And the customer service we’ve experienced so far has also been top notch – friendly, knowledgeable, and FAST.