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How 5 teams transformed their creative workflows with DAM

by Catherine Chiang  |  July 29, 2019

4 min. read

Today’s creative teams face not only the challenge of making content that stands out, but also the daunting task of managing all that content: storing it, organizing it, finding it, and delivering it into the right hands at the right times. All of this amounts to many hours that most creatives would rather spend…well, creating.

At Canto, we believe the goal of digital asset management (DAM) is to align and mobilize teams so that they work better together. Here are some of the ways creative teams have streamlined their content workflows with DAM, and gained time back to devote toward creating.

1. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating has eliminated up to 90% of image requests.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating has eliminated up to 90 percent of image requests to their creative team by enabling self-service through Canto portals. Users now have access to assets through a link, with multiple resolution, sizing, and cropping options. With fewer interruptions, the Mitsubishi Electric creative team can now focus on generating original creative content that contributes to the sale of more air conditioning and heating units, instead of fielding production requests.

Our large user base loves having this level of access to our digital assets. It’s a huge improvement over previous tools we’ve used.

2. Godiva Chocolate’s design team saves half an hour per person every day using Canto.

The global packaging design team at Godiva Chocolate uses Canto to organize seasonal promo collateral and other time-sensitive materials. Like Mitsubishi, they employ Canto portals to save time dealing with image requests. This enables the team to dedicate more time to creating beautiful, inspiring packaging for Godiva chocolates.

Because Canto works so well, we are accomplishing more. On a given day we each save a half hour or more – just from team members being able to self-serve their image requests, instead of me fishing an image out of the old system for them.

3. Taos Footwear uses Canto portals to streamline dealer relationships.

Taos Footwear chose Canto to organize and relay the internal creative produced at Taos – from their graphic designer, product photographer and marketing coordinator – through to management approvals and onward to the Taos dealer network. As the Taos brand grows, it’s essential that they are able to maintain strong relationships with their dealers. Canto portals provide a professional, Taos-branded online location for individual dealers to quickly download the marketing assets they need.

Image requests were always a big pain point and now we deal with 90% fewer requests–that’s just huge!

4. Downtown Boston Business Improvement District now turns around image requests in minutes, not days.

The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District is dedicated to improving the lives of all who live, work, and visit downtown Boston. The organization uses Canto on a daily basis to manage their photo library as well as images for publications and online channels. Ultimately, Downtown Boston credits the success of their media relations and media production asset management to Canto’s enterprise level features packed within a SaaS team product.

With Canto, I can turn around image requests in minutes, with share links or through a public portal. Canto is a system that anyone can easily maintain. It is reasonably priced and has powerful features. It was easy to deploy, was scalable and the customer service from Canto has always been exemplary.

5. Pearl Drums uses a Canto portal to save time with dealer image requests.

Pearl Drums chose Canto to manage their collection of digital assets and make the right ones available to the drum company’s hundreds of dealers. With upload links, Pearl can receive images from artists of their products in use during concerts and other events. This has helped pump up their grassroots marketing efforts, while giving them new ways to connect with artists and keep their ears to the drumbeat of the market.

With Canto, we are able to organize our assets the way we like internally. Then we can save time by providing a central portal that is easy for our dealers to get to and download marketing materials, price sheets and other important collateral.

Read more tips on how to use DAM in our e-book, “How Creative Teams Succeed with Digital Asset Management.”