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How Canto uses Canto

by Catherine Chiang  |  December 31, 2019

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Ever wonder how a DAM company uses DAM? You’re in luck – we’re giving you a peek behind the curtain!

As a growing, multi-national company, managing our assets helps us work better together. Here’s how we do it.
The login screen of Canto's own DAM

Staying in sync with a central library

We keep all of our internal files centralized in our own Canto library, which everyone in the company uses. Since our team is distributed in multiple countries, having a central location for all assets keeps us all in sync.

Getting organized

Folder Structure

To keep things organized, we set up our folder structure to reflect the different teams within our company and the specific assets they use. For example, the marketing folder contains brand assets, marketing images and videos, design files and more; the product folder contains documentation and notes; the sales folder contains collateral such as presentations and success stories.

Keywords, Tags and Custom Fields

We also use keywords to categorize by asset type, and extensively apply any relevant tags so it’s easy for our colleagues to use the search function to find any asset they need.

Because we’re a multi-national company based in both the U.S. and Germany, we’ve created one custom field to mark if a material is in English or German.

Facial Recognition

We keep all of our team photos in Canto, so we turned on facial recognition to make it easy to find images of our coworkers. Anyone can just do a quick search to find photos for Employee Spotlights, headshots for events or even birthday announcements in our office Slack channel.

Meaningful collaboration

Working Together Internally With Workspaces

Workspaces are private areas within your Canto library only accessible to authorized users, which helps teams keep works-in-progress separate from the main library.

We use workspaces to store assets for internal marketing projects, such as our previous rebrand or upcoming ebooks, so that all of our assets for a time-sensitive project are in one convenient location. This helps make collaborating a breeze, especially for our distributed marketing team!

We also store images and logos we receive for customer case studies and client spotlights in their own workspace. We know it’s vital for our customers to protect their brand, so we’ve put a figurative ten-foot wall between any customer brand assets and the rest of our library.

Working With Contractors Using Upload Links

Our marketing team often works with agencies and contractors to create content. Canto upload links make it easy to collaborate with external parties. We send them a unique upload link, and any assets they upload are stored in a separate folder, where we can approve the assets we want to add to the main library. This helps keep everything organized, so we’re not juggling multiple cloud-storage links or email attachments. And it really simplifies uploading large format video files.

Sharing assets

A portal for our Sales TeamShare Links

Whether we’re sharing assets with fellow team members or external collaborators, creating a shared collection link is often our go-to move. It takes only a matter of seconds and provides granular control over who can view and download content, expiration dates, watermarks, passwords and more.

Portals for Sales Enablement

Our marketing and sales teams create tons of collateral for our sales team to use. We keep it all accessible in our sales portal, so our team can always find the content they need – even mid-call or on-the-go.

Style Guides

Canto's own style guideWe keep all of our brand guidelines and logo files in a shareable Style Guide. It’s so convenient for working with partners and press, and even for working internally.

Direct URLs

We use direct URLs for our content in our emails, which means that the images you see in our marketing emails are being served directly from our internal Canto account. This saves us that extra step of downloading and uploading images when we create emails, and content updates can be made instantly with new version updates.

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