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Inside Canto

Professional photographers share their favorite snapshots!

by Catherine Chiang  |  December 12, 2019

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A singer on stage

Behind every brand is a great photographer. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to a few of the incredible photographers behind the brands that use Canto!

We asked three professional photographers who use Canto to share their favorite photos that they’ve taken throughout their careers, and love how their individual style shines through in their work. Take a peek for yourself.

Dondre Green – Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

A room full of dancing people“This photo is from a workshop held at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. The name of the workshop is ‘The Radiant Power of Women,’ taught by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. I loved this workshop in particular because of vibrant energy in the room. Pictured is a dance break that took place towards the later end of the workshop.”

Dondre Green, Photographer, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

Rachel Bourgault – Perfectly Posh

A collection of samples

“This is my favorite professional photograph because it involves what I love the most – product texture! I love bringing out the personality of each product while marrying them together to create the story of the brand.”

Rachel Bourgault, Senior Photographer, Perfectly Posh

Leyna Segal – Bumkins

A singer on stage“Warped Tour 2014 was my first major photography assignment after college. This photo reminds me of how exciting and energetic the whole day was.”

– Leyna Segal, Photographer, Bumkins