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Marketing masters podcast #2: Riding the wave

by Canto  |  May 8, 2019

2 min. read

“The modern era of surfing would not have happened without photographers…surfing and photography have always been intertwined with each other.”
– Don Meek

“Surfing has an attraction that is really hard to explain…it’s a spiritual thing…once you’ve ridden a wave, you know.”
– Glenn Brumage

The Surfing Heritage & Culture Center is best described as “The Smithsonian of Surfing” because of its singular focus on protecting the history of surfing and all of the rich stories that go with it.

When you step inside the museum, located in sunny San Clemente, California on the southern edge of Orange County, you’re immediately greeted by relics of surf that are thousands of years old, with boards so worn that you can hear the waves if you take the time to listen.

Take a lap around this temple of surf and you take a trip through time, progressing from wood to fiberglass with every evolution (and revolution) in between.

Glenn Brumage and Don Meek are devout in their reverence for this sport, and they are uniquely positioned to steward the role that surfing will play for generations to come.

Glenn serves as SHACC’s current Executive Director, overseeing the day to day operations and strategy that keep this non-profit afloat. Don compliments Glenn’s efforts as the Chairman of SHACC’s “Content Committee”, utilizing surfing’s rich visual archive to inspire today’s budding surf photographers.

The best example of these efforts is SHACC’s annual “Follow The Light” photo competition inspired by the late, great Larry “Flame” Moore. Flame was best known for serving as editor of Surfing Magazine for 30 years and mentoring generations of amateur surf photographers.

Enjoy this inspiring discussion about the connection between surfing and creativity …and how authenticity is just as important on the water as it is in the art that you create.

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