Online Photo Storage Features for Tech-Savvy Companies


Online photo storage is high on every organizations list of technological necessities. Ensure these important features are being met by your current system and assess whether an upgrade is necessary.

Increased Productivity With Strengthened Access

Online photo storage provides opportunities for efficiency, and the optimal storage provides superior access functionality. One preferable quality of storage includes having multiple access points, especially mobile. With advances in technology came numerous ways to connect to projects. When online photo storage software adapts to provide team members more ways to use photos, productivity increases.

Enabling access increases picture findability. Having numerous access points is only as good as the quickness in which they can be utilized. Mobile access points are main factors here. Storing and using photos from mobile sources is slower than the speed of wired internet on an office computer. How much slower it is depends on the online photo storage system used by an organization.

online photo storage
Enjoy the many benefits of online photo storage.

Organized Selection With Online Photo Storage System

Focus the photo selection of campaigns toward particular audiences with greater photo organization from online image storage systems. Elite software provides a central location to house photos. A singular library host for photos reduces clutter within organizations and provides easy access to help finish projects.

The photo that people want to use for a specific project should be easy to find for all members of a team. This opens up the chance to cater campaign photos and overall design towards certain demographics. The best online photo storage system offers search functionality which includes metadata. This allows members to instantly locate the photos they desire.

Business-Friendly Photo Storage With Secured Images

Secure photo storage is a necessity for software used by organizations. As photo storage moves to digital age and the cloud, ensure your system has top security. One of the most important issues regarding security is copyright problems. Use a system that provides watermarks on photos. Another problem is securing photos so they aren’t extracted from an unwarranted outside source. Finally, make sure photo software gives administrators power to control who views and uses the photos.

online photo storage
New technology necessitates proper utilization of storage tools.

Take online photo storage system into the technologically advanced era. Look through the benefits of your organization’s storage system to make certain it’s handling important features.

Digital asset management provides the most complete online photo storage features. Canto DAM is the only system on the market that boosts access, uses metadata and secures images properly. Don’t settle for software that only meets a handful of photo storage needs.