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3 Unique, dynamic secure image sharing choices

by Casey Schmidt  |  March 18, 2020

4 min. read
A digital lock.

Secure image sharing allows users to send valuable digital photographs to numerous locations and recipients without fear of some type of privacy breech. The first step in secure image sharing is examining your personal image needs. Categorize the way you’ll store your pictures then select a system from the correct category. This helps ease the process, by finding what type of system you need and then selecting one that fits your needs. To make things easier for you, here are three unique tools for each user type.

For enterprises

Small, medium and large companies gather and retain high quantities of images. As they grow as a business, the amount of images they have on-hand grows as well. Therefore, they need an automated system to store images securely. Digital asset management has become the front-runner for enterprises as it gives businesses numerous benefits outside of security. Most importantly, it offers the highest level of insurance when it comes to the privacy and secure access of important company images.

Digital asset management (DAM) from Canto, for example, is a comprehensive business system. It has advanced security features. One of these features is it utilizes AWS to maintain sensitive images. This gives it SSL encryption and custom permissions that keep anything stored in its servers completely protected. Another way DAM stands out is the admin levels that are easily adjustable and customizable to each company’s preference. This ensures total control and adherence to different levels of access for different users.

A screenshot of the Canto DAM interface.
Canto DAM is a comprehensive enterprise tool.

What makes DAM so special is its comprehensive functionality. While maintaining images, it also boosts access speed, sharing speed and retrievability. It even handles things like watermarking and copyrights. DAM is the perfect system for companies that need safe cloud storage for their images and other media files.

Share images securely by determining the type of system that suits your company best. Figure out what type of images you want to share, then use a tool that goes above and beyond its competition.

For personal use

Sometimes we wish to share an image but we don’t want it shared further. Additionally, we don’t want it revisited by the person we originally shared with. Fortunately, there are programs that give us complete control of the images we share. This is where the Unsee service comes in handy.

Unsee is a one-of-a-kind browser-based image sharing tool. It’s similar to Snapchat, only it’s designed for desktop and laptop access. Users access Unsee on a web browser and upload images they wish to share. They receive a link URL and can share this link with whomever they wish. The image they share deletes itself after the recipient views the photo. The user has options to extend the viewing period for more than a single view if they so please. For example, they choose to automatically delete an image in 10 minutes, 30 minutes and so on.

A screenshot of the Unsee tool interface.
Unsee prevents exploitation of sensitive photographs.

A second level of security with Unsee is the automatic IP watermarking. Anytime a user shares an image, the recipient’s IP address is automatically watermarked onto the photo. Therefore, even if the recipient was able to screenshot the photo before it deleted itself, sharing it would be ill-advised. These special security features make Unsee an interesting tool for sharing images. Confidently upload and share images using this system when you have personal photos to manage.

For professional photographers

Professionals have different needs when it comes to images. Though safety is a definite concern, there are greater considerations in play. A professional photographer wants an image sharing site that helps them share in a professional setting – with options further than just sharing. They want to be able to share but also advertise and potentially sell their work. SmugMug was created specifically for these types of users.

SmugMug is a secure, cloud storage tool that offers extensive features for photographers looking to get their work noticed. On top of secure image sharing, it lets you construct a professional portfolio, sell images and promote your work. This makes it stand out as a system that goes above and beyond the basic security of other image systems. It is a comprehensive site for professional photographers looking to safely enter the world of photography.

A screenshot of the SmugMug interface.
SmugMug is perfect for photographers.

Another reason SmugMug stands out is it’s a comprehensive image tool, allowing photographers to easily create websites and logos within a simple interface. Ultimately it goes beyond secure image sharing and promotes a total package of images for photographers. Try SmugMug if you want to create a portfolio of your work that won’t be accessibility to unauthorized eyes.

Make sure that your photos are safe with these secure image sharing tools. There’s too much at stake to be restricted from sharing your owned image files, unique vision or detailed plans in any way.