On-premise digital asset management

Organize images, videos and other rich media in your local, fast and secure environment.

On-premise DAM performance

Organizations rely on On-Premise DAM solutions to manage important media assets such as logos, presentations or video files in their own IT infrastructure. Performance and security of on-premise solution is excellent and enables fast and professional workflows with any size of media archives.

High performance

Host your digital asset management solution within your own local network.

Maximum security

Regain full control of your media management to protect your intellectual property.

Flexible integration

Integrate with business technology through API for industry standard automation.

Meet Cumulus

Cumulus is the industry-leading on premise DAM solution. We have developed Cumulus to match every workflow for maximum flexibility and professional expectations. Cumulus supports more formats out-of-the-box than any other on premise DAM provider. For image and video publishing, we offer the most sophisticated distribution technology for you to preview, transcoded and transformed on-the-fly.

Cumulus Screenshot
Jaci Stclair
Jaci Stclair – Digital Asset Manager, Landor
"Cumulus software manages our millions of archived graphic design files smoothly. The Canto Technical Support people quickly and efficiently react to the few things that come up and work closely with our team. Evolving our solution with Canto has been a project management pleasure. Their commitment to making the pieces right is stellar. Professional Services really know what they’re doing."
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Phoenix Contact

Why organizations trust Cumulus DAM


From the inventors of Dam

Cumulus on premise digital asset management is the original DAM solution with 30 years of experience for 2,500 customers.

Countless integrations available

The RESTful Cumulus API enables integration with virtually any business software PIM, ERP and other systems.

We deliver worldwide

Our global network of Canto Partners tailors your solutions to fit your individual needs – wherever you are.

Cumulus Metadata Features

Powerful metadata features

Cumulus uses sophisticated metadata management that stores your brand assets on multiple platforms and channels. Search with keywords, browse categories, and dynamically filter with customizable queries. Large previews of all common file types are available at a glance.

Cumulus Image Recognition

Intelligent image recognition

Image recognition technology in Cumulus is built with EyeEm Vision and Clarifai’s artificial intelligence. With a simple click, tags are added to images. Auto tag as many pictures as you want all at once – these tags are automatically added to the asset.

Global brands use Cumulus to distribute assets all over the world

Hybrid cloud options

Cumulus offers a variety of storage and deployment options to meet any enterprise IT configuration requirement with On Premise DAM and Hybrid Cloud DAM with the Amazon S3 Asset Store and Microsoft Azure Asset Store. Encryption can be used for logins and SSL (https) connections. User requests are processed through secure Java Web applications and sessions work via firewalls.

Ease of use

Cumulus combines professional performance and a state-of-the-art usability. Upload and share files with a simple link. Create an ‘Upload Collection’, set an expiration date and with a simple hyperlink, let your trusted agencies and contractors drag and drop their files right into Cumulus. Automated and manual triggers can then add additional Metadata for proper cataloging.

Media delivery made easy

Cumulus offers a media delivery add-on for fast delivery of images and other media. Create renditions of images with different formats on-the-fly or add your company watermark. The Media Delivery add-on is available as cloud solution or on premise.

Easy self-service brand portals

Cumulus gives you a better option for sharing and collaborating than non-branded, drop-drive boxes. Create as many different branded portals as you need while saving time and money. This mobile-responsive technology is based on HTML5 and Bootstrap and offers unlimited read-only / download-only user access. It’s built for massive concurrent users so everyone will always have access.

Schedule a Cumulus demo

Cumulus can handle all of your digital storage needs. We understand your configuration is unique and we tailor each demo accordingly. Get in touch to receive a digital asset management demo for your company.

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