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Cumulus is now Canto

For years, Cumulus defined the digital asset management industry. Now, it’s evolved into Canto, a cloud-based tool built for the modern era.

Why Canto?

Everything that made Cumulus great lives on in Canto – plus a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, more flexibility, and continued innovations.

  • Scales easily and adapts to your changing needs
  • Enables seamless hybrid work and remote collaboration
  • Powered by AWS, Canto follows the highest data security standards

Intuitive Interface

Hit the ground running with little to no training.

Modern Features

Cutting-edge digital asset management tools for faster workflows.

Easy Maintenance

You can set up and customize everything yourself – no IT resources needed.

Unparalleled Service

Simple pricing and best-in-class customer support every step of the way.


How to migrate from Cumulus to Canto

We want to provide our customers with the best possible digital asset management platform, and that’s Canto. For customers currently using Cumulus, we’re here to make the transition to Canto seamless and easy.

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