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Furman University Organizes Their Photo Library with Canto


Furman University’s creative team was storing their photos on Flickr and local drives. The image-hosting site was not a robust solution – they needed a cloud-based central repository with better organization, navigation and search options. Their contributors needed easy access, but they wanted to limit access to all consumers. They also wanted the capability to send media to external departments via simple links.


Furman’s in-house marketing department chose Canto and went to work with its batch upload feature. They were able to migrate their entire photo library of thousands of images without outside consultation. The image files were automatically organized into Smart Albums and were immediately ready to use. They also set up specific privileges in the DAM software for contributing users in a way that best suited their needs.

“Canto has made locating and sharing assets so much easier! Another plus is customer service, we have had great experiences from the initial inquiry to the onboarding process. Canto has been a great solution for our needs.” – Kelly Welgraven, graphic designer at Furman University

Results and Benefits

Moving forward, Furman is now able to use Canto to categorize assets in folders and albums, include descriptions on individual assets, link similar assets and include the same asset across multiple albums. Furthermore, they can set link expiration dates and send comments about assets to team member. They have also set up Collections to share images and advance special projects.