Enterprise document management

Enterprise document management is a process that monitors and organizes company documents

Enterprise document management


Provides a central document location for quick search and retrieval.


Offers metadata, version control and other features for superior compliance.


It optimizes workflows and file sharing to enhance projects.

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What is enterprise document management?

Enterprise document management is a function of content management. Enterprise document management handles the creation and distribution process of all documents within a company. It is typically supplemented with software that boosts workflows, simplifies processes and monitors documents. Enterprise document management typically involves organizing documents. This is best executed when the documents are moved to a central location for easy retrieval and quick sharing.

The versatility of enterprise document management

Although enterprise document management is only a subset of content management, it covers core content lifecycle requirements. In addition to the document search and inventory organization, it also supports compliance content creation by providing templates. By means of versioning and logging of all changes, it also accompanies the content during its active life phases.

Ultimately, an enterprise document management system ensures the long-term readability of content by transmitting it in timeless formats. It also helps to ensure legal archiving periods. As a centralized system, it prevents duplicate files. Lastly, it supports synchronization while editing and adds security by providing the most up-to-date version.

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Enterprise document management ensures legal compliance

An important feature for company-wide document management is the storage of digital rights management information within metadata attached to the digital file. This metadata includes copyrights and trademark information. It’s especially valuable when assets are delivered by outside professionals and legal firms. This is because they may place a variety of usage restrictions on created works. Document management software strengthens document retrieval in case of a compliance audit or legal subpoena.

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Advanced document management software

A large part of document management involves sorting and organizing individual documents for advanced usage such as creating different business templates. Digital asset management (DAM) is an important component of an overall document management plan because it organizes documents and media efficiently. Furthermore, DAM goes beyond the storage of documents. It organizes file types like images, videos and presentations. It also has advanced copyright and watermark features that work side-by-side with document management systems.

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