Give Your Assets a Proper Portal

Easily store, organize, and share your files and assets from a secure, custom branded portal.

So What Can Flight Do?

Asset Collaboration

Engage with digital assets throughout the entire lifecycle. Tag users in comments requesting changes be made, upload new versions of files and notify team members when items have been completed and are ready for use.

Brand it as Your Own

Create your own personalized portal with your logo and branded colors to the UI. Not only will your team enjoy your company vibe, but externals you share links with will also see your files in a custom branded site too.

Sharing and Sending Files

Unlike traditional file folders – in Flight you’re not actually moving the files. No copy. No paste. No accidental removal from your shared drives, either by you or others. Simply assign your digital assets to, or remove it from, as many albums as you wish. A great way to keep everything organized without having to create duplicates.

Advanced Search and Filters

Search for your files, then drill down even further with multiple filtering options. Narrow your entire media library down in just seconds to find exactly what you need.

Flight’s advanced filters let you use a combination of search results, keywords, tags, people, file size, date range and more.

Get Ready to Take Flight

15-Day Free Trial included with all Flight Plans. Intuitively manage your digital files through a single interface and distribute your content through multiple platforms.