Image Database Software

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What Is Image Database Software?

Image database software stores high quantities of digital images in a central location. It also organizes photos so they can be shared quickly and easily. It is a highly configurable software system that integrates into existing software and other tools to improve workflows and content creation.

The right image database software helps companies securely store valuable image files. It provides the capability for users to upload, search and share these important images. Image database software automates all company digital image catalog actions.

Image Database Software Benefits

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Increased search functionality and image retrievability

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Extensive copyright maintenance for all necessary images

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Streamlined workflows with faster image sharing speeds among teams

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Better control and use of metadata with auto tagging and facial recognition

When Should You Use Image Database Software?

If your company would benefit from faster project completion, increased creativity and enhanced administrative control over images, then an image database software is perfect for you. Storing images in a central location not only organizes your entire photo collection, but it also ensures teams have sufficient access to any image at any time. This saves time and ensures deadlines are met.

Companies with large or growing image collections increase their efficiency with an image database. This is because they not only sort and organize the expanding library of pictures, but they also increase user capabilities such as metadata management and copyright control. For a company with sensitive or protected images to store, an image database is a must.

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