Image Database Software


An image database stores valuable digital assets with advanced organization, indexing and sharing functionality.

What Is Image Database Software?


An image database to stores high quantities of digital images in a central location. Image database software organizes the photos so they can easily be shared. It is a highly configurable system that can be integrated into existing software and other tools to improve workflows and content creation.

Image database software helps companies securely store image files. Ideal software provides the capability for users to upload, search and share images. Image database software is an automated tool of a company’s entire catalog of digital images.

image database
image database

Image Database System Benefits


Image database software provides an extra layer of security for images by giving users the ability to place copyright information in the metadata of each image. It also lets companies add searchable information such as keywords to images, increasing search functionality of the database.

Many organizations maintain high-volume image collections, but need further assistance and capability for their database. Image database software meets these needs and keeps workflows streamlined.

Why Canto DAM Is the Best Image Database System


Canto’s digital asset management is the most advanced image database system available. It offers a central location for your images, allowing quick retrieval and efficient sharing among users. DAM offers advanced metadata management for images, ensuring keywords enhance the overall search process.

DAM manages your entire image database efficiently with a wide array of features such as image cropping, watermarking and keywording. It also allows mobile connectivity, letting users have access to the image database on numerous devices.

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