Image Database Software


An image database safeguards valuable digital assets with advanced storage, indexing and sharing functionality.

What Is an Image Database

Image database software stores and organizes images so they can be shared. It is a highly configurable solution that can be integrated into existing systems and other tools to improve workflows and content creation.

When looking for an image database, companies opt for a digital asset management solution that provides a secure and intelligent way to store, search, process, transform and share images as well as other digital assets across the organization.

image database
image database

Image Database System Benefits

Unlike file storage solutions like Box or Google Drive, DAM systems have built-in digital rights management protections. For instance, DAM allows companies to put expiration dates onto images and include copyright information in the metadata.

Museums, educational institutions, media outlets and many other organizations manage high-volume image collections, but often without the requisite enterprise search and metadata management capabilities that a sophisticated enterprise DAM system can provide.


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Much More than a Database

DAM systems go beyond basic image databases.

Metadata Management

Search by keywords and include digital rights information in a structured way for legal compliance.

Workflow Creation

Whether images need annotations, cropping, watermarking, approvals or gatekeeping, DAM is capable.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

DAM systems provide user-friendly access in ways tailored to your needs.

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