Music File Manager


Music file managers help store, organize and share your music library

What Is a Music File Manager?


A music file manager manages and shares company audio files in a centralized music library. Music file managers help organize audio content through efficient storage. They also save teams valuable time by sorting audio files by extension type, such as .mp4, .mp3 and other file types.

Music file manager systems allow members of a organization to design a structure for users to easily access audio recordings and other important files for immediate use. It syncs all audio file formats and allows you to preview, share and archive digital audio.

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music file manager

Benefits of a Music File Manager


Navigating through thousands of audio files is simplified with music management systems. Audio files are cataloged with relevant metadata.  Advanced search features make it easy to narrow inquiries. It also creates custom tags to make it easy to locate necessary audio files. The system simplifies sharing music files with outside collaborators. It is a central creative hub for musicians to share audio files.

Music File Manager Software


The right music file manager system lets you control who has access to specific music files, organize a workflow to produce new content and control how others interact with audio files and other digital assets. This is why digital rights management is the right fit for organizations in need of a music manager.

Content is shared through custom portals where external teams, clients, and collaborators receive special permission to access specific assets. If portals aren’t needed, a link can be created for users to view the shared file, or you can publish the content directly.

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