Music File Manager


Digital asset management helps you store, organize and share your music library

Difficulties of Managing Audio Files


Managing and sharing audio files in a music library doesn’t always match the unique needs of your organization. Music libraries like iTunes and Windows Media Player are good for individual use, but those options lack sharing and archiving functionality. A digital asset management system solves these problems by allowing members of your organization to design a system for users to easily access audio recordings and other important files for immediate use. DAM works with most audio file formats and allows you to preview, share, and archive your digital assets.

Your audio files can be organized in any music library, but can they be easily managed and shared with your team? Digital asset management (DAM) makes it easy to collaborate on a large library of audio files with remote workers. You can even link different types of files that help support the audio file, like specific videos, album artwork and documents.

music file manager
music file manager

Benefits of Managing Music Files with DAM


Navigating through thousands of audio files is simplified with digital asset management. Music can be cataloged with relevant metadata like predetermined keywords and customized tags, and advanced search features makes it easy to narrow down your searches. Adding and editing relevant metadata, selecting predetermined keywords and creating custom tags make it easy to locate necessary audio files.

Digital asset management software makes it easy to share music files with outside collaborators. Your DAM system can be the central creative hub for musicians and managers to share audio files with those working on supporting artwork, videos and other creative files.

Customizable Music File Manager


With a DAM system in place as your music file manager, you can control who has access to specific music files, organize a workflow to produce new content and control how others interact with your audio files and other digital assets. Audio files can be readily available to musicians and even the general public, with all of the digital rights management information in place to protect the work.

Content can also be shared through customizable portals where outside teams, clients, and collaborators can receive special permission to access specific assets. If you choose not to use portals, then you can create a link for users to view the shared file, or you can publish the content straight away.

digital asset management

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