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We offer comprehensive onboarding, support, and customer success for all Canto customers. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure you are successful in implementing, receiving on-going support, and provided a dedicated customer success manager that assists you as your needs evolve.

Implementation packages

We’ve got an implementation package for everyone

Every implementation need is fulfilled with our highly-rated packages.


The basic foundation you need for success. This package is tailored for teams with in-house resources, offering essential onboarding to kickstart your Canto journey.

  • Online kick off
  • 3 training sessions
  • 1 account review


The standard package will help make your transition to Canto seamless. You’ll get tailored training sessions and workflow planning to ensure that you and your team are ready to hit the ground running once your DAM launches.

  • Up to 10 customized training sessions
  • Metadata workshop
  • Library organization workshop
  • Asset ingestion & review
  • Asset migration (up to 2TB)
  • File deduplication assistance


Launch your DAM worry-free. Let Canto be your trusted partner for the entire journey. We guide you through every facet of implementation with unlimited training and customized project plan.

  • Unlimited training sessions
  • Metadata workshop
  • Library organization workshop
  • Asset ingestion & review
  • Account configuration review
  • Rollout & launch guidance
  • Customized project plan
  • Bulk user creation
  • Asset migration (up to 5TB)
  • Existing metadata migration
  • Single sign-on implementation
  • File deduplication assistance


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Sony Europe

Unbelievable. We had a kickoff session within two days of signing. So, we'd already had it during the demo when our metadata mapping was sorted for us. The Canto team couldn't have been more helpful.

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At Canto, we make sure you’re taken care of. No matter your implementation package, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager. They’ll ensure you and your team are continually getting the maximum ROI out of your DAM investment.

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Want a refresher? Canto’s help center has the best guides for getting your instance up and running and our most recent release notes.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is implementation, onboarding, and training important?

Your team and organization have a unique process for managing and organizing assets. Our implementation team will work with you to address your questions and help you understand how to utilize and adopt Canto to your unique workflows. We will help you set up your DAM so that it’s easy to find and share your content.

Setting up a DAM is simple. However, each customer has a unique way of meta-tagging, ingesting assets, incorporating workflow, and utilizing assets. The implementation plan will help you identify the most efficient ways to manage the DAM so that you can reduce your workload.

Your team will have plenty of questions during the implementation stages, and our consultative implementation team will guide you through this process. We want you and your team to be set up for success.

We'll work with you to understand your workflows and processes and make recommendations on how these can be achieved using best practices in Canto.

How does onboarding training benefit my team and organization?

Change management is always challenging; getting your team and organization to adopt new tools and processes can take time and effort. Canto’s onboarding will help your team understand why a DAM will make it easier to find and share assets, improve their workflows, and streamline how they collaborate with colleagues.

What happens after your onboarding of Canto is complete?

Once you complete onboarding, your team will be introduced to your dedicated account manager. This account manager will be your primary Canto contact once onboarding ends. They will keep you apprised of any new features or updates being released and will ensure that Canto continues to meet all your needs. You can contact your account manager directly if you have any questions or need additional help. You will also have access to our support team for any technical issues, and you will be able to access our extensive knowledge base at support.canto.com.

What makes an onboarding successful?

Canto’s onboarding plan aims to ensure you and your team have all the knowledge necessary to use Canto successfully every day. Our goal during onboarding is to help you implement Canto and teach you how to use the system easily. Once we’ve taught you and your team how to use Canto, helped you achieve your DAM goals, and your team adopts Canto into their workflows, we consider this a success.

How can my team get the most out of our Canto onboarding?

Canto’s implementation team will provide best practices and guidance to you and your team as we plan your onboarding using knowledge gained from 30 years of DAM implementations. While we will lead your team throughout the onboarding journey, we suggest coming prepared to your workshops and training sessions to get the most out of your onboarding. This means doing your homework before each meeting, which could include anything from brainstorming metadata ideas to uploading sample assets. Implementing your DAM as a team effort will provide the best results.

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