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With Canto, creative content is more effective and projects across campus roll out faster

From exciting research to student life and athletics, there’s a lot going on at the University of Wyoming. To support marketing initiatives that bring the full spectrum of UW programs and student experiences to life, UW’s institutional marketing team supplies departments across campus with powerful images, videos, and other collateral.

Creating all that content isn’t easy. And making it easily available to everyone who needs it is a feat of coordination.

So how do they do it? With Canto, everyone at UW has on-demand access to the visuals they need — accelerating project timelines, supporting marketing objectives, and furthering the university’s strategic goals.

The goal

Accelerate creative workflows by making high-quality, on-brand visuals accessible to everyone who needs them.

The result

Creative workflows are up to 83% faster. And marketing content is more effective, advancing strategic goals like enrollment and retention.

With a better way to share and discover content, productivity gains ripple across campus

UW’s institutional marketing department crafts outstanding content that exudes the university’s values and messaging. But creating impactful content is only half the battle.

“A big priority for me is making sure my team’s work is going somewhere,” says Associate Director of Creative Services Emily Edgar. “Are those assets getting to all the people on campus who amplify our brand? Are they being seen by the audience they’re intended for?”

Before UW started using Canto, making brand assets available to marketers, departments, and other partners was a challenge. Visual content got buried in an outdated database that was hard to navigate. People would spend hours looking for images, only to overlook the best options or be unable to find what they need. As a result, UW’s creative services team was bombarded with requests to help find or recreate content.

University of Wyoming students walking down a path outside the Visual Arts building.

With Canto, creative workflows are up to 83% faster

Emily soon realized that a more functional content library was the key to empowering partners across campus — while simultaneously freeing her team from asset requests so they could focus on higher-value creative work.

In Canto, she found the perfect solution. UW’s staff, departments, and administrators now have curated collections of on-brand images at their fingertips in a searchable, user-friendly Portal. Metadata like keywords and Smart Tags make it easy to find the perfect visuals in UW’s library of 15,000+ digital assets. If someone needs an image of student athletes playing basketball, they can just type in “basketball,” and they’re all right there. To narrow things down, they can filter results to see just images in landscape. Or just images from the latest season or game. Or even use facial recognition to find a specific student athlete.

University of Wyoming Canto library filtered to show images of basketball players.


The creative team is no longer spending most of their time fielding requests from other departments. And they benefit from Canto’s powerful search features as well — workflows on the creative services team are now up to 83% faster. “Before Canto, I would spend about an hour per design project just procuring photos,” Emily recalls. “Now it takes about 10 minutes. With 200+ design projects a year, that really adds up.”

Other departments are more efficient, too

It’s not just the institutional marketing team seeing productivity skyrocket. Easy access to amazing visual assets helps staff, academic departments, and administrators accelerate their own project timelines. Instead of requesting images — or creating new content themselves — they can just grab what they need from Canto and go.

“Instead of angry emails from people asking where their images are, I’m receiving emails of gratitude from other departments,” Emily says.

A built-in brand guide makes it easy for anyone creating content to stay on brand. And because users can download images in the exact dimensions they need, UW’s designers don’t have to step in to keep them from getting squished or stretched by resizing attempts gone awry.

University of Wyoming style guide using Canto's interactive Style Guide

Each piece of content now has more impact, lowering costs and advancing strategic goals

With impactful brand assets at everyone’s fingertips, content creators and distributors at UW aren’t just more productive. They’re also able to craft content that better supports strategic goals — like enrollment and retention, student engagement, and public relations.

With the right visuals, campaigns are more effective

Asset discoverability isn’t just about speed. Because all the content in UW’s Canto library is tagged with metadata, it’s easy to find visuals that are perfect for any project.

Targeted materials appeal to different audiences

With everything organized and searchable in Canto, departments can easily create targeted materials, powering more effective campaigns that speak to specific groups with tailored visuals and messaging.

“With the metadata in Canto, you’re not hoping to find someone who looks kind of like a business student,” Emily explains. “You know this is a business student. And you can feel confident including that image in materials for that audience.”

University of Wyoming's Canto portal

Content reflects UW’s diversity and values

Canto also makes it easier to create content that reflects UW’s DEI values, showcasing the full diversity of the UW campus community.

“I couldn’t find diverse photos in the old database,” says Casidy Mittelstadt, a graphic designer on Emily’s team. “I’d search for every keyword under the sun and still not find what I needed. But now with Canto, I can easily find photos that represent a diverse student body for our campaigns.”

Repurposed content reduces costs

Canto has also cut down on unnecessary content creation costs at UW. If marketers need images of international students, specific facilities, or a visiting fellow in the lab with students, they can easily check Canto to see if it already exists before investing in new photoshoots.

As great images and videos get rediscovered and used again, they keep creating value for the university. And UW is no longer spending money to recreate content that already exists.

Over time, that means a greater return on investment for every dollar spent on content creation.

Two University of Wyoming graduate students compare a sample to a reference image in a biomedical research lab.

The creative spark is reignited

No longer bogged down in frustrating content management tasks, content creators and marketers at UW are now enjoying a renewed creative spirit.

With morale at an all-time high, designers are bringing new ideas to the table and producing some of their best work yet. Photographers and videographers are motivated too, jumping on spontaneous opportunities to grab the perfect shot. Upload links make it easy to submit new content when inspiration strikes — and they know their work is now likely to be used.

“When you find a tool that creates those efficiencies, you start to feel more alive in your work,” Emily explains. “People are inspired, and they’re creating some really outstanding content.”

Associate Director of Creative Services Emily Edgar at University of Wyoming

Canto has saved us so many times. Don’t have time to have photos taken for a digital ad? Let’s see what we have in Canto. We always find something great we didn’t even know we had.

Emily Edgar Associate Director of Creative Services

One year on, Canto has transformed the creative landscape at UW

Emily’s advice for other university marketing and creative teams: Don’t feel trapped in a system that’s not working.

“Don’t let what you did in the past stand in the way of progress for the future,” she says. “It can seem daunting, but you can absolutely do this. Canto provided great onboarding support. And it was so worth it.”

Over a year after switching to Canto, Emily can look back at the progress at UW. Over 15,000 brand assets are now available on-demand to 600+ people, accelerating content workflows across hundreds of teams. And now that UW’s visual content is easy to find, people are more likely to use it and share it — amplifying its reach and increasing its impact.

“People are so much happier now,” says Emily. “And the quality of content has increased across campus.”

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