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2017 DAM Summit – An attendee perspective

by Cory Schmidt  |  November 21, 2017

5 min. read
Sebastian Picklum (in the back, 2nd from left) in a panel discussion at the Canto DAM Summit Berlin 2017.

The 2017 DAM Summit happened October 9-10 and was the largest digital asset management conference in continental Europe. The Summit took place at the Kalkscheune and Stone Brewing in Berlin. Around 200 DAM professionals joined us for illuminating discussions, workshops, presentations and a lot of fun. The event was successful with excellent networking opportunities to boot. But don’t just take our word for it, read on for insightful feedback from the attendees.

A DAM great place to learn

The DAM Summit 2017 was the perfect place to learn about DAM and other related topics. The theme this year was ‘Change: The Heart of Growth’ and the sessions reflected this. There were engaging workshops and presentations as well as personal testimonies from longtime Canto customers, partners as well as DAM professionals from around the world.

This is the first time I participated at the DAM Summit. I got a lot of input from different sides with new ideas.

The result was an impressive array of insights given to customers and partners alike. Stefan Grünwald, Global Incident Manager at Schlüter-Systems told us, “AI was very interesting and could be a tool we could use in the future for our requirements for auto-tagging assets in Cumulus.”

Workshops with Cansu Oral and John Horodyski were amazing. Also the presentation of Theresa Regli.

The DAM Summit brought together top DAM professionals and industry influencers from Seattle to Stockholm and Shanghai. Organizations like EyeEm, KlarisIP, Optimity Advisors, IUBH University of Applied Sciences, the Giessen 46ers, movingimage, Bistum Würzburg and many more shared their knowledge at the 2017 DAM Summit.

A person in front of an audience is giving a talk while showing a large projected image of a basketball game.
Canto customer, Giessen 46ers on their experience with Cumulus. Photo by Paul Dionne

Adam Cowie, from our partner DataBasics, attended Thomas Schleu’s workshop ‘How to Get the Most out of Cumulus’ and learned “how to promote the Cumulus user the best user experience possible”. This sentiment about the workshops was prevalent for 2017 DAM Summit attendees.

A DAM excellent networking opportunity

Embracing the change is a lot about adaptation and continuous learning.

The DAM Summit is an excellent place for Canto customers to talk with other Canto customers and exchange ideas and well as insights into the industry and how it’s changing. Customers have the unique opportunity to discuss information about the product with the folks who design Canto’s products. The networking environment was designed for optimal DAM information exchange.

The DAM Summit is an efficient way to gather the latest Cumulus information and get an overview of Canto’s roadmap.

Our Platinum Sponsor, movingimage, has “a long history with Canto, over five years,” says Sebastian Picklum, Product Vision Owner and speaker at this year’s DAM Summit. This continued partnership has been successful for the company as well as the sponsorship with Canto for the DAM Summit. There were plenty of opportunities for all the sponsors to network and elaborate how their integrations and business partnerships enable DAM professionals to enhance their particular needs.

Great opportunity to meet other customers and network

A room filled with people, standing in groups and talking.
The 2017 DAM Summit was a networking opportunity. Photo by Paul Dionne

We have plenty of longtime partners at the DAM Summit with some totaling 20 years of cooperation, like Jesper Arentoft from Attention Solutions, who said the 2017 DAM Summit was “an efficient way to gather the latest Cumulus information and get an overview of Canto’s roadmap.” Partners and customers alike benefit from this networking-conducive environment.

DAM good organization and atmosphere

Internationally recognized DAM experts at a nice location with a relaxed atmosphere

The venues of the 2017 DAM Summit were well-received by attendees, as one pointed out, “it was a great atmosphere. Not only at Kalkscheune but above all also at Stone Brewing.” The DAM Summit was enjoyable and relaxed and optimal for information exchange. According to attendees, the event was “well-organized” and “easy-to-navigate”.

Picture of a man cutting a cake, while other persons look on and take pictures.
The DAM Summit was also a lot of fun. Photo by Paul Dionne

And now, a DAM (Summit) summary

DAM Summit was a great and as far as I could take part very insightful event, that I will definitely recommend to colleagues.

Theresa Regli summed up our theme ‘Change: The Heart of Growth’ and how it aligned with the content of the DAM Summit. She told us, “I get asked a lot by people who are DAM managers or who work with metadata ‘is my job going to be replaced by artificial intelligence’ and I think the answer is your job is going to change if you are smart enough to adapt. You have to learn about how the software works; you have to work with it; you have to complement it. Embracing the change is a lot about adaptation and continuous learning.”

We want to drive future trends in the industry and importantly we want to provide value to our customers.

The 2017 DAM Summit was filled with insights for our customers, partners and other DAM enthusiasts so they can learn to adapt to these changes. But it’s also a place for Canto to learn, as Canto’s CEO Jack McGannon elaborated: “As we want to be a knowledge expert, we want to drive future trends in the industry and importantly we want to provide value to our customers. It’s really important that we get the feedback from our customers so we can deliver against their business needs and their challenges.”

In conclusion, it was a really great event in which I would probably attend the next few years. I would like to thank the whole Canto team and their sponsors for the great event. Especially Ines Köhler for the great organization.

We enjoyed hosting and hope to see everyone back next year. Stay tuned for more information on the next DAM Summit.

Photos by Paul Dionne