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3 questions to ask when choosing a digital asset management solution

by Catherine Chiang  |  January 13, 2020

1 min. read

Searching for the right digital asset management solution? Here are three questions to make sure you’re choosing the best solution for your team.

A group of people being consulted on DAM.1. Does this solution meet my team’s needs and goals?

As you begin searching for a DAM solution, make a list of the functionality your team needs to achieve its goals. Don’t get distracted by bells and whistles – i.e. features that look fun and shiny but that your team doesn’t actually need – and home in on the capabilities that will make a real difference in your workflows.

2. How will this solution support my team’s growth?

Most of us don’t want to buy and implement new systems and software every few years, so make sure you buy a solution that gives your team and library room to grow.

Keep these questions in mind as you evaluate: How easy and affordable is it to add more storage and users? How quickly are you able to get new users up and running? Does the platform support other teams or companies of similar size and larger?

3. Does the solution provide customer support?

…Or are you on your own once you buy it? Consider the level of customer support you would like. Are you okay with more impersonalized tech support or do you prefer having a dedicated customer support representative who understands your team’s needs and supports you throughout the entire process?

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