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5 marketers reveal their best DAM advice

by Catherine Chiang  |  July 17, 2019

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At Canto, we have the pleasure of working with marketing and creative teams doing all sorts of inspiring work, from running the communications strategy of one of the world’s largest airlines to coordinating events with hundreds of volunteers to connect the American veteran community.

What all of our customers have in common is that at some point, they needed to invest in a digital asset management (DAM) solution to help their marketing and creative teams stay in sync and scale their creativity. While we, naturally, consider ourselves experts on DAM, it’s really our customers who have become experts at using a DAM solution to get their jobs done. 

So, we asked a few of our customers: What advice would you give to another team like yours that is looking to invest in DAM? 

Here’s what they said.

You really don’t realize how many assets you have until you put them all in one place. We did a lot of calls and really dug into it before we started uploading. We didn’t want just a dumping ground for files. Therefore, we took a measured and detailed approach in rolling Canto out. It could have been overwhelming otherwise, when you look at the number of assets that you have. So my advice would be to take your time, map out your use cases, and realize the return will far outweigh the costs.
Kaitlyn DaleidenCommunication and Design Manager, United Airlines

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Work with a supplier who is supportive and flexible, who is willing to take the time to help create the best solution for your needs. We have been really happy with the Canto team and their care and responsiveness in helping us make the most of our DAM system.
Shaun ProvostNational Community and Content Manager, Team Red, White & Blue
No digital asset management solution is perfect. There will be growing pains when implementing a new system, but in the end it will help you streamline your process, organize your content better and cut down time on searching for the right file.
Pam LamonDigital Marketing Manager, Seattle Aquarium

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Clearly define your roles and workflows and then just do it.
James HowellHead of Digital Marketing, Ceva Sante Animale
Setting it up correctly at the start is really important – ensuring that your file structure is right makes it so much easier for everyone to use.
Alison PeakeHead of Group Communications, The a2 Milk Company

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