United Airlines

A DAM to Support Sales Managers


United Airlines marketing needed to create a one-stop shop for the 800 sales managers they support across their global organization. They needed an easy way to disseminate new announcements about products and flight routes and SharePoint wasn’t an intuitive enough solution for their needs. They also needed a solution with robust reporting.


Kaitlyn Daleiden at United championed Canto as the digital asset management solution that could help solve the challenges their department was facing. Key to the Canto solution was its user-friendliness. According to Kaitlyn, the simplicity of uploading/downloading and the easy-to-use interface are the key features that sealed the decision. As she explains, “if it was just our team, we could handle something more specialized, but because the audience for this system is wide, we needed a really simple solution, something people could more or less just click. In other words, something simple and useful, like Canto.”

“There is a link to the Canto sales portal on our Salesforce homepage that field reps use all the time…to access forms, ebooklets, training materials and other assets.”~ Kaitlyn Daleiden, Communication and Design Manager, United Airlines

Results and Benefits

The feedback from the field has been fantastic for United. Several field managers have emailed Kaitlyn’s department to say thanks, and let her know that they use the tool every day. Because Kaitlyn’s job is to support the field, this feedback has been a big win for her and her team. Furthermore, Kaitlyn reports that the time for their internal team to have built out a solution like Canto would have taken far too long to implement, and having now used it thoroughly, she doesn’t see how they could have done without it.