Aaker Model – Building Brand Identity Step by Step


The Aaker Model provides a blueprint to building a successful brand. One of the key details it lays out is how to correctly configure brand identity. Brand identity is a complex asset to construct, so utilize these detailed breakdowns of the Aaker model to help perfect it. The following are in-depth interpretations of Aaker’s brand identity ideas.

Basic History and Background of the Aaker Model

David Aaker, a marketing specialist, created the Aaker Model. The model outlines what is necessary to attain brand equity. It furthermore strongly weights brand identity and offers unique solutions to build a successful brand identity.

The Aaker Model provides building blocks to developing a brand identity. A solid understanding of these basic principles allows companies to utilize the model and find a brand identity. The following are ways to explore the ideas of the Aaker Model and guide your business toward a strong brand identity for future endeavors.

The Aaker Model is named after David Aaker, and it serves as a blueprint to build brand.

Construct Brand Identity Through Brand Personification and Relationships

Strive to give your brand the appearance of humanity. Position outreach and marketing so things like emotions, values and kindness are associated with your company.  There are many ways to have this impact on audiences and customers. Strong relationships are a cornerstone of the personal aspect of brand identity. Create strong relationships with consumers through organization-wide standards of interpersonal communication.

Brand personification occurs when a part of a company’s brand, such as its logo, is associated with what it means to be human. An example of this would be a commercial by a security company. The logo representing the company’s brand fights off a home invasion in an animated representation. The image this creates brings the brand to life while showing what the company does. Find ways to create brand personification which in turn builds brand identity.

Learn how to effectively humanize your brand using the basics of Aaker.

Construct Brand Identity by Measuring Various Factors of Product

It’s not surprising that a company’s product builds its brand identity for better or worse. A true measurement of product is an approach that requires multiple stages and factors. This measurement includes the way a product is perceived, which markets are using it and what kind of characteristics are aligned with it. The intention a company has for its product doesn’t always coordinate with the resulting usage or users.

For example, when I was younger a company sold something called ‘Pogs’, round tiny cardboard pieces with designs on them. They were intended for the purpose of playing a game where users slammed them to flip them over. They became very popular, however the popularity was for a completely different reason. Kids were collecting and trading them. In fact, nobody was actually playing the game the company originally intended. Determine the ways to better build brand identity by understanding these types of factors of product.

Make sure to understand how your product is being used by consumers.

Construct Brand Identity Through Manipulation of Company Images and Symbols

The logo of a brand is huge in building brand identity, as it is a clear notification of everything the company stands for. Each time someone sees it they recognize it and associate it with a certain company. Beyond this, companies need to be aware of the images and symbols they use in projects and campaigns.

For example, imagine a company is web-based and makes publications about cooking. It uses a stock photo in every article it publishes, as selected by copywriters and editors. Certainly the image should be relevant, an obvious qualifier. But what about other factors, such as lighting? In what ways could the company best represent itself to its target audience. If they’re a company who offers cooking tips about heavy, hearty foods then all the stock photos it uses might be with dark lighting. These types of factors need to be processed into each image decision.

One of the key aspects of the Aaker Model is its layout of brand identity construction. By following the model and getting a base understanding of its concepts, your company’s brand identity can extend its outreach and strengthen its pull.