Brand Identity – Valuable Insight for Marketers


Brand identity is the heart of your company’s efforts to craft an image that conveys a message to consumers. Understand unique details of effective branding to best build brand identity. Construct an ideal brand identity by determining the way your company wants to be seen by consumers. Here is a complete guide to to help construct your brand identity.

What Is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is how a company is seen or experienced by consumers. It is the way a business constructs its brand – from the logo, color schemes, fonts and uniforms – all built with a goal to elicit some type of positivity from consumers.

Young workers researching brand identity.
Brand identity is often confused with brand image, but they are different.

Brand identity is different from brand image, though the two are confused often. The easiest way to keep them separated is to think of the difference between a sports team’s practices and games. In the practices, they do everything in their power to control the outcome of their in-game success. This is the brand identity. Brand image is how they play in the actual games. The fans watching the game are the consumers. They see whether the team is good or bad. That’s the brand image. Whatever they did in preparation (practice) for the game is irrelevant to the fans.

Building Brand Identity

The first step in building brand identity is determining what type of message do you want your brand to relay? Begin shaping your company based on these principles to achieve your desired outcome of brand identity. Be aware of how the brand identity will translate into brand image. if employees of a retail grocery company wear flip flops, shorts and sunglasses as a standard, the brand identity was meant to be laid-back but the brand image is probably going to be unprofessional.

Woman on computer exploring brand identity options.
Brand identity is the creation of how you want your company to be perceived.

A huge part of a preferable brand identity is the visual nature. Brand consistency in all things visual is a huge part of brand identity. This refers to not only the brand logo, but also the fonts used in newsletters or websites. It refers to the way an animated image behaves or the color scheme blends. By upholding a consistent display of all things visual with your brand, half the battle of a successful brand identity is won.

Maintaining Effective Brand Identity

An overlooked step of the brand identity journey is the maintenance phase. This includes fixing things that aren’t working and changing things that are hurting brand identity. Part of maintaining brand identity is reinforcing the status quo. A positive brand identity should be fortified through campaigns with designs that build off past successes.

Workers in a meeting discussing brand identity.
Make sure to include a maintenance phase in your brand identity process.

When brand identity is falling out of favor with customers, it’s time to evaluate and adjust. An extreme example of this is the color scheme or layout of your company’s brand logo was recently discovered to look like an offensive group’s logo. Changing the entire logo might be costly and sacrifice customers, but sitting idly by could be worse. Be prepared to make distinct changes to colors, fonts or website designs from time-to-time to combat this potential pitfall.

Brand identity is whatever you make it. No outside influence matters when it comes to brand identity. It is your true intentions and ideas put into motion. Knowing this, think of the control you have when building brand identity. Understand your company at its core to truly develop a brand identity effectively.