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Simplify your creative workflow with Canto’s Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma integrations

by Canto  |  November 23, 2021

2 min. read
Canto connector in Adobe Creative Cloud showing image options for surfing layout.

Your digital asset management system should mesh seamlessly with your workflow – cutting out unnecessary steps and putting the creative assets you need at your fingertips.

That’s why Canto comes with out-of-the-box connectors for Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma. Creative professionals can browse and search their Canto library and import what they need – all without leaving their design tool.

The result? Creative teams spend less time tracking down assets, and more time creating beautiful, impactful content.

Surfing images in Canto integration for Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma.

Your creative assets, right where you need them

No need to download files, only to upload them somewhere else. You can access all the images and graphics from your Canto library directly in Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma. Simply use the search bar in the Canto Connector or navigate your albums, just like you would in Canto.

“We do a lot of print ads, recipe cards and coupons that are designed in Adobe Illustrator,” says Brett Miller, Creative Director at Kodiak Cakes. “Being able to access the Canto image library right in Illustrator is pretty handy.”

Always import the right version

Pop quiz: You’ve got Photoshop open in one window, and a folder full of nearly identical photos in another. Which file is the real final version that’s approved for the project: Summer_v7_FINAL or Summer_v8?

With Canto, you don’t have to guess. Your library serves as a single source of truth. Each asset has only one entry, and the Canto Connector shows only the current version. That way, you can click “import” with confidence and carry on designing.

Canto library with hiking imagery in Adobe Illustrator.

Preview video clips and audio files

The days when “content” just meant pictures and text are long behind us. Canto’s Creative Cloud connector is fully video compatible – bringing your whole Canto library into Premiere Pro.

Preview video clips, audio tracks and images in the Canto Connector window and import them to your project with a single click. Once you have the files you want in your project window, you’re ready to work with them, just as you would with any other imported media.

Create templates for your team

“Hey, we just need a few small updates to that document again.” How would you like to get fewer messages like this?

With Canto Brand Templates, you can create templates in InDesign for others to edit in Canto. Designers control the look and layout of documents, while empowering their teammates to make minor changes themselves. With key design elements locked in, approved end users can swap out copy and images in a simple web interface – no InDesign skills needed.

They get the content they need in front of customers faster, and busy creative teams have more time to dedicate to other pressing projects.

Want to learn more about how Canto helps teams simplify creative workflows and produce creative content faster? Book a free, personalized consultation with a digital asset management specialist.