Brand Authenticity – 4 Ways to Build a Reliable Brand

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Brand authenticity is a process that takes time and genuine effort to achieve. Even though it’s a lengthy ordeal, there’s no reason you can’t immediately improve your own. This guide will give you some simple yet crucial steps to guide you along the way, starting with a rundown of what brand authenticity truly is.

What Is Brand Authenticity?

Brand authenticity occurs if consumers believe a brand to be true to itself, honest with its customers and consistently reliable. Brand authenticity is the way brands obtain and keep loyal customers over long periods of time. It is achieved through thoughtful company marketing and branding efforts.

If a shoe company, for example, was getting backlash about the material they used to make their shoes from the general public. If the company revealed the materials used, it would be a show of trust and transparency. Customers who were concerned about what the materials would not only have their worries put to rest, but they’d also view the company as reliable and trustworthy.

A pair of shoes on a cliff.
Brand authenticity keeps customers loyal to companies.

As you can clearly see, brand authenticity is a must for companies today. Here are four helpful ways to build brand authenticity and some pitfalls to avoid.

1. Ensure Brand Stays True to Itself

Your brand has to stand for something. Once it accomplishes that, it needs to stay the course. Staying true to oneself is the most important way for a company to promote brand authenticity. Customers notice when a brand is authentic and consistent. Therefore, once it veers from this brand consistency, it loses the target market forever.

This isn’t to say change should never take place – it’s important that it does happen. However, any change the brand undergoes needs to follow along the lines of the underlying brand message. There are a multitude of changes that happen along the way to success. Ensure these changes don’t interfere with the core idea that the brand stays true to itself.

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Brand should remain true to principals of the company.

2. Stay Honest and Transparent Always

A brand that shows itself to be honest is a brand that will remain authentic in the eyes of its customers. A transparent brand shows customers that a company’s honesty is consistent, real and not a facade. Being that these two bolster each other, companies should strive to promote their brand as honest and transparent.

A brand can boost confidence in customers when it’s honest about its product and services. This is what gives it true authenticity – when every action it takes shows integrity and is truthful. Trust is a big step to brand authenticity and only a consistently honest brand earns customer trust.

A young woman smiles as her coworkers discuss something.
Transparency gives brand a powerful feeling of authenticity to customers.

3. Communicate Authentically

It’s easy for customers to sense if brand communication is authentic and it’s harmful to a company when they don’t feel authenticity reading your content. Customers feel the difference between conversational tone and something that reads like the marketing team wrote it. Ensure your brand voice speaks to them in the right tone.

This connection helps a brand stay true to its customers. Part of communication is showing an understanding of your customers. Therefore, make sure they see you’re on the same level when speaking to them. Furthermore, give them chances to meaningfully engage and speak to the things they find important or valuable.

A group of blocked letters that spell 'contact'.
Communicate openly and honestly at all times.

4. Know Your Customer

Strange as it may seem, it’s very tough to appear honest and transparent if you don’t truly understand your customer. Why is this? Customers needs are constantly changing and evolving. Furthermore, their values are changing as well. If your company’s stories adapt to these changes, you’ll show that you understand and are in align with what your customers want.

Only a well-thought out campaign will garner the right customers and only the right customers will see your brand as transparent. Just as you want to target customers who will eventually buy your product or service, you also want customers who will see the company in a good light.

Brand authenticity occurs once your audience finds your brand reliable and respectful. Work to give customers exactly what they need and when they need it.

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