How Branding Process Helped a Company Share a Legacy


Famous people’s names and faces have, over time, become attached to a sport, event or pastime. We honor them each time we participate, discuss or watch their craft. Martin Luther King Jr’s face may appear in our minds when we think of civil rights in America. Jerry West’s playing days no doubt illuminate when we see his image on the NBA official logo. Their legacies, philosophies and accomplishments inspire humanity, and continuously spreading their messages has become the goal of many non-profit organizations.

Bruce Lee’s legacy is tethered to the world of martial arts. One organization felt so strongly about the inspirational value of Bruce Lee’s philosophies, that they felt the need to maintain his philosophies through programs and museums that spread his message. Bruce Lee was an expert martial artist who changed the landscape of martial arts in film. He inspired not only with his beautiful fighting, but with his insightful words that helped people understand what it takes to be the best version of themselves. The organization behind his posthumous promotion is Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC, and they had an important mission: to uphold the legacy of Bruce Lee by spreading his message through images and information.

A Bruce Lee statue in front of a city skyline at night.
Bruce Lee’s philosophical words inspire people daily.

The Necessities That Made a Company Utilize Modern Tools

Bruce Lee Enterprise’s goal was clearly defined from day one – maintain the positive association surrounding Bruce Lee whenever an image or video of him was used. Reaching this goal wouldn’t be possible without a solution to prevent brand deterioration. Bruce Lee Enterprises had to manage use of Bruce Lee video and images, as new film and television shows continued to be made about him, and museums told his story. In order to provide the true image and message of Bruce Lee, the branding efforts during this time needed to be sound and not suffer from brand deterioration in the slightest. That is when it turned to Canto digital asset management (DAM).

Canto DAM Helped Bruce Lee Enterprises’ Branding Efforts

There was a lengthy list of requirements Bruce Lee Enterprises had concerning its digital assets, particularly in terms of branding process. It needed safety for when it shared its images, including copyright safety. It needed superior sorting of digital assets, and it also required a solution that could bridge the gap between the digital media and physical location of assets. Canto’s digital asset management fully covered these concerns.

Picture of the star of Bruce Lee on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Bruce Lee’s amazing talent shaped the way martial arts was portrayed in film.

In order to stay organized, Bruce Lee Enterprises implemented DAM to efficiently store Bruce Lee memorabilia, video and images. The extensive metadata management of DAM allowed it to quickly locate files based on keywords. This helped them deliver vital images to external sources requesting Bruce Lee information. It also helped with the coordinating of digital assets within the company. The clear benefit from this newfound efficiency was reassurance that whenever a chance arose to spread Bruce Lee’s messages, Bruce Lee Enterprises LLC would be prepared.

The next concern DAM rectified was connecting and identifying the digital assets with the physical media. Bruce Lee Enterprises LLC has a brick and mortar location with memorabilia stored in numerous places. Because of this, it needed a system in place that kept tabs on where everything was located within the physical location. The DAM accomplished this, allowing it to quickly find the physical item associated with the digital asset.

The final problem resolved with the help of DAM was the ability to safely share links to assets with museums, documentary filmmakers and other external requests. Not only does DAM offer state of the art security for any digital asset, but it also has copyright protection systems in place. This includes complete control of how long the asset was leased to the external source. This control comes in the form of the ability to set expiration dates on links.

A workspace or shop with a table full of memorabilia and a large poster of Bruce Lee's movie The Way of The Dragon.
Bruce Lee’s image is highly recognizable and prevalent across the world today.

An Amazing Human Being’s Humbling Philosophies Live On

An image or video of Bruce Lee reminds people of his philosophies concerning individual accomplishment, global peace and positivity. Because of this, Bruce Lee Enterprises wants to ensure the continuous spread of beautiful, wise messages. Canto DAM helps them reach their goals and make sure that every time someone needed to spread Bruce’s message, it was found and delivered efficiently.

Bruce Lee was a man of great wisdom and determination. His greatest feat was motivating people to be the best versions of themselves, and that feat continues to live on due to the work of Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC.

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