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Boost team success with these unique business collaboration ideas

by Casey Schmidt  |  April 20, 2020

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Finding the right balance between different business teams is a lot easier than you think. In fact, a few minor adjustments to your process will result in immensely positive changes.

Innovative changes to your current business collaboration approach give your teams a chance at huge growth and success. Creating team success is easy if you understand communication dynamics. Luckily, this important concept is simple to learn. Here are three business collaboration ideas to get your teamwork moving.

Strategize for connectivity

The first thing you’ll want to do is sync up different departments in order to improve overall team communication. For example, if the IT members are sitting in the same room as marketers, there’s bound to be some disconnect. However, this is an opportunity to create interdepartmental communication and get the creative juices flowing. This is one of the most basic changes that has profound positive impact on team connectivity throughout campaigns.

Two young women using a laptop.
Create a structured strategy to improve team communication.

Whenever you have an interdepartmental meeting, map out the departments of different team members. Next, plan ahead, taking into account the potential number of team members from multiple divisions. This planning will help you capitalize on project collaboration opportunities. Interdepartmental collaborative mapping promotes better overall problem-solving within the company. Lay out extensive, accessible plans to broaden lines of communication. As a result, more creative avenues are explored and team projects improve.

Use cloud technology

With all the powerful technology available today, there’s no reason to tackle these important tasks alone. Instead, supercharge your team’s collaboration efforts with cutting-edge cloud technology. Cloud collaboration programs give more access and connective properties to a team. Business collaboration solutions also give employees a variety of functionality to keep lines of communication open. This encourages creative collaboration in projects and campaigns, which leads to more effective advertisements.

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Cloud technology makes collaboration much easier.

Cloud collaboration tools open a lot of lines of communication for a team. Consider using digital asset management (DAM) to organize your creative assets like images, videos and documents. It allows members of the team to share files and integrate important applications. A cloud DAM like Canto is an advanced solution that boosts creative projects and saves time. Most importantly, it furthers communication while keeping all sensitive documents secure.

Reconfigure creative teams

Remember that your team makeup isn’t set in stone. Feel free to go through plenty of different trial and error until everyone feels comfortable and projects are going smoothly. One way to accomplish this is by utilizing different skills and creative talents of each team member. This is sure to boost project efficacy over time. Another important thing to do is create a system that encourages every individual to use their visionary prowess. That way, the strongest traits of each team member is pronounced within the team, creating a strong grouping.

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Change up the way your teams are constructed.

On top of promoting existing creative strengths within individuals, collaboration reconfiguration further develops these traits and characteristics. Employees grow their skills while working with others – especially when they mesh with these team members. This ultimately leads to proficient team project schemes.

Business collaboration continues to evolve with technological innovations and modern work spaces. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve.