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Canto customer spotlight on Portals

by Amelie Timm  |  June 6, 2018

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Two co-workers excitedly talking while sitting in front of their laptops.

A growing number of marketing teams are using Canto digital asset management to easily centralize, organize, and share their digital assets. This Canto Customer Spotlight provides three real-world examples of how leading marketing teams are using Canto Portals.

One of the ways Canto helps marketing teams share digital assets is by allowing them to create custom branded portals. These web portals can be public or password protected and can easily be curated and permissioned so that only approved files can be accessed by the appropriate audiences. This enables convenient self-service that not only makes it much easier and faster for the user to access the digital assets they need, increasing their satisfaction with marketing, but it also dramatically reduces the time-consuming hassle and resource draining burden on the marketing team.

Wheel Pros
“The purpose of this Portal is to help our Sales team and customer partners go to one place to get all of the assets they need to create marketing campaigns. Previously, people need to reach out to me and I need to guess what pics and assets they want to use…which as you can imagine, turns into a ton of emails back and forth trying to get the correct results. With Portals, they can dive in and find exactly what they want, quickly and efficiently.”
– Robert Todd, Marketing
Screenshot of a branded portal in the canto DAM showing an offroad car and several rims.

“We use our public Portal to provide imagery to our licensees, consumers, and retailers. Canto allows us to keep everything nice and organized and makes it easy to search through our large library of product, model, and lifestyle images. It’s been an absolute game changer.”
– Leyna Segal, Photographer

Screenshot of a branded portal in the canto DAM showing colorful plastic plates and bowls and small children eating from them.

“Our Portal is to distribute marketing assets to employees throughout the company and 3rd-party vendors. Assets include branding elements, collateral, and proposal graphics. Will continue adding to the Portal with additional assets such as branded templates, graphics, videos, and more. I love using Canto and so do many of my coworkers; can’t wait to get everyone in the company using it!”
– Angel Gamradt, Sagitec, Graphic Design Manager

Screenshot of a branded portal in the canto DAM showing a digital globe and several branding style guide elements.