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Canto Meet & Learn: San Francisco edition

by Catherine Chiang  |  September 5, 2019

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Canto Meet and Learn San Francisco

We love getting to know the creative and inspiring people who use Canto, and we figured it was only fair that our customers get to know each other as well! 

Last week, we hosted our first Meet & Learn in San Francisco – an intimate event where SF-based customers could network with each other, meet our team face-to-face and get the inside scoop about the latest Canto feature releases over drinks and tacos.

Canto Meet and Learn San Francisco

From consumer goods to enterprise B2B to nonprofit, we had the pleasure of hosting customers from industries all across the board. Each organization is changing the world in a different way, whether it’s Tandem providing books to underprivileged children or Redbubble helping artists share their work with wider audiences, and we’re happy to be a part of that.

Canto Meet and Learn San Francisco

One of the highlights of the evening was when Ilya, Canto’s head of implementation, gave a sneak peek of our newest time-saving features, including:

    • My Selections: Canto customers were thrilled to get a sneak peek of My Selections before the feature launched! This highly anticipated feature allows users to temporarily save items to a clipboard that refreshes after each session. Users can now simultaneously select and share assets located in multiple albums, something that previously required multiple extra steps – saving precious time. In the words of Bonnie (Tandem, Partners in Early Learning), “It’s like a Vegas thing: what happens during your Canto session stays there” – and after you log out, your selections are cleared.
    • Duplicate checks: Customers can now perform a duplicate check of the entire library at any time. Previously, users could only perform duplicate checks when uploading new assets.
    • Portal Watermarks: Users can apply Watermarks directly to assets in a Portal, instead of applying Watermarks in the main library first and then syncing.

Canto Meet and Learn San Francisco

Customers also shared their favorite Canto features and their feature wishlist. We’re excited to see our Google Chrome plug-in and Style Guide features being used. We also love to hear about the features our customers wish Canto had, so we can continuously update the platform to help our customers’ work flow even more seamlessly.

Kelsey from Tandem shared her excitement for Canto’s Style Guides, saying that Tandem’s operations manager – who had previously created a 23-page style guide – was absolutely thrilled to use this one stop shop within Canto.

“Everyone knows what to do and what logos to use. Canto’s Style Guides are so accessible,” said Kelsey.

Thank you to everyone who came to our first Meet and Learn. We’re busy planning more of these events around the country and can’t wait to bring more of our customers together!