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Inside Canto

The Canto team is thankful for…

by Catherine Chiang  |  November 26, 2019

1 min. read

It’s that time of year again to count our blessings. Here in the Canto office, we love any opportunity to celebrate and show appreciation as a team, so we set up a ‘Gratitude Tree’ in the SF HQ living room!

A photo of the Canto 2019 Thanksgiving gratitude bouquet.

Some of the things we’re grateful for include:

  • Coworkers who make work fun 🙂
  • The unofficial office mascot and Chief Bork Officer, Bodhi
  • The awesome and inspiring customers we get to work with!
A dog with a tag.
Chief Bork Officer Bodhi reporting for duty

A photo of one of the gratitude tags on our Thanksgiving bouquet.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Canto team!