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New Canto release – Enhancements that empower

by Casey Schmidt  |  September 25, 2018

3 min. read
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Here at Canto, we’re always looking for ways to make our customers more self-sufficient and effective in their jobs. Our newest release empowers our Admins and users with new folder designs, hybrid logins, asset level reporting and much more. Read on for all the details.

New Folder icons and Folder cover picture

A well-designed system is more likely to be used. User-adoption is far easier when users feel comfortable in the environment they’re in. That’s why we’re continuing to make Canto more visually pleasing in every way possible.

The latest in these efforts is the redesigned Folder cover photo and Folder icon designs. Customize your Canto organization structure to show off your design skills, increase user-adoption and become a more effective, self-sufficient creative with better management of your digital assets.

A graphic showing icons for folders and albums.

Want to show off your new folder and icon design? Share it on LinkedIn and be sure to mention @Canto.

Canto hybrid logins

Having a ton of Canto external users is a good sign that your marketing is collaborative, decentralized and modern. But doing this effectively can be a challenge, especially when you have many users with different logins. That’s why we’ve created a fresh Single Sign On (SSO) feature to eliminate bottlenecks and make you a more efficient marketer.

If you decide to implement this new feature, you can continue to generate users within Canto but these users do not need to be a part of the company directory. It’s just another way we’re making you more effective at your job.

Asset level reporting

As many digital asset management Admins know, tracking asset history is just as important organizing and storing those assets. When you track your assets better, you keep better control of versioning, which in turn helps your team create more effective marketing collateral and helps you become a better marketing and creative leader.

Have a look at this excellent new feature by opening the Configure Information Page section. Here you can add the Usage History and Activity sections and track how your team is using each image, video or presentation.

Two screenshots of reports in the Canto DAM.

More powerful enhancements

Tags and Keywords added functionality

It’s now easier to view similar assets in Canto – just click on the tag or keyword to find images that are tagged or keyworded similarly.

Canto API keys within the app

Combining your favorite programs with Canto has never been quicker with our new feature. Admins can generate API keys from within Canto. Just go to Settings and Configuration Options to create the API keys.

Duplicate Check – Filename

Removing duplicate content is vital for unique content and we’ve made it even easier to check for duplicate content. In addition to MD5-based duplicate checks, you can now check with Filenames.

WCAG 2.0 compatibility

Canto is now more accessible to people with disabilities. Keyboard shortcuts help with the navigation of our program and cut down on manual clicking. Here are some of the shortcuts.

Folders and Albums to show Portal information

You can now find out which Folders and Albums are shared to a Portal by opening the Details view of a Folder or Album.

Message notifications enhancement

Now you can jump right to assets from your message board. Just click on the asset, or collection of assets, and you’ll be right there.

Portals library tree order

A default order is able to be set for a Portal’s Folder Tree based on Name, Date or Type.

Copyright information

If an asset has embedded copyright information, Canto can read and display metadata after uploading.

Stay tuned for more

A special thanks goes out to the customers who’ve given us feedback on how Canto can make them more effective at their jobs through new features. We’re always happy to get your requests for features in our Canto Help Center. You can also find great ways to make you more efficient in managing your digital assets.