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How to convert the JPG file type to the AI extension

by Casey Schmidt  |  December 5, 2019

3 min. read
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The JPG is a conveniently-sized editable file that is quite popular among image files. However, it’s not always the right choice for a project. When it’s time to use a more editable format, consider converting it to an AI. Here’s a breakdown of the how and why.

What is a JPG?

The JPG image file is a digital file type from the Joint Photographic Experts Group. The JPG is interchangeable with the JPEG image file and is a popular file extension because of its manageable size. It uses lossy compression, which means it loses quality as it gets smaller in size. It’s very easy to share, download and upload it.

What is an AI File?

The AI image file is an Adobe Illustrator file format which uses vector graphics. Vector graphics are constructed using different connected points which have specific indicators to organize image factors and elements. The AI is typically used for things like brand logos and image text placements.

A picture of the AI file icon.
The AI file type is highly editable.

How to convert

The first way to convert is by using the Adobe Illustrator program. This option is of course best suited for someone with access to Illustrator. Open the file inside Illustrator. Then, using ‘File’, select ‘Export’ then select the desired format. Then select ‘Save’. Remember that this option allows for editing of the image inside Illustrator as well.

Next, if you don’t have Illustrator, you’ll need to use a third-party system. There are two different types. The first type is a browser-based system, which you access using a web browser. This method is great for users who have fast internet access. It’s also best for users who have limited hard drive space and who only need to convert a limited number of files. I recommend using Convertio, which has very fast download and upload speeds, as well as a simple interface.

A converter gear.
There are multiple ways to convert.

Finally, the last way to convert is by using a system-based converter which you install directly to your computer. This option is particularly helpful to users who have a lot of hard drive space, since they can store the large files on their system. It’s also great if someone doesn’t have fast internet, since this option doesn’t require internet after installation. Finally, it’s perfect for users who want to convert a lot of files all at once. For this I recommend ReaConverter, which is easy-to-use and works efficiently to convert a lot of files at once.

Why convert?

The JPG is merely a basic image file that has editing capabilities subject to whichever programs are capable of using it. Therefore, bringing it into Illustrator allows advanced technical users the opportunity to create even further and edit more efficiently. Once inside Illustrator, all the tools that come along with it are used to change the JPG image into whatever design the user desires.

Remember that ultimately, both files are editable. The JPG is easy to open and small in size. However, AI files are editable at a much more technical level across the board. When editing is your number one priority, converting makes sense.