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Convert PDF to EPS – A comprehensive guide

by Casey Schmidt  |  October 18, 2019

3 min. read

The PDF is a file that securely maintains print documents. Even though a PDF is capable of containing media files such as images, they’re not intended to be altered using a PDF. This is where an EPS comes in handy. Here’s a complete guide on how to convert a PDF to EPS.

What is a PDF?

The PDF document file is a Portable Document Format file type that handles print documents. It is a format which is able to contain different types of multimedia, such as audio and video files. The PDF is a secure file type that lets users view links and search within the document.

The PDF is widely-used by companies because of the way it securely contains the text and images within the document. More specifically, anytime someone shares a PDF, whether with a team member of external, it’s not likely to be edited accidentally by the recipient. Another reason it’s so popular for businesses is the PDF contains multimedia elements like audio, video or images which are shared within the document.

What is a EPS?

The EPS image file is an encapsulated postscript that gives users information about an image by offering a preview or description. It is an easy-to-alter file format that can contain both text and graphics.

A picture of a mountain.
The EPS gives information about the image.

A commonly used function of the EPS is the resizing that allows users to drastically alter an image. This is particularly important for this file type because the EPS are image file types typically intended to be edited through resizing in many ways after they are purchased.

How to convert PDF to EPS

There are two different ways to convert a PDF to EPS, both involve using third party software systems. When using a PDF, it’s not possible to save the file as an EPS through a file menu, therefore a converter is the only option. The first type of converter is a browser-based option. A browser-based converter is perfect for users who don’t wish to store a new program on their computer. It’s typically used when only a few files need converting. Convertio has a fast upload and download speed paired with a simple interface.

The second method to convert is by using a software system stored on a PC. This option is valuable for users who have a large amount of files to convert all at once. It’s also ideal for when there is limited internet access. CoolUtils has a downloadable converter that works great.

Arrows circling one another.
A third party system is the best way to convert.

Why convert?

Converting makes the most sense when you have a PDF that contains images or graphics. When this is the case, it’s possible the EPS is better suited to take these images and prepare them for editing.

While the PDF is great for maintaining document files, the multimedia inside a PDF is meant to be unaltered. The EPS, on the other hand, is designed for image manipulation. You’ll be able to craft the size of the graphics within a PDF if it’s converted into an EPS.

If you have images within a PDF file that need alteration, the PDF isn’t the right type of format. When this is the case, consider following the conversion steps listed above to get your PDF into a more editable format like the EPS.