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5 digital transformation companies you should know about

by Casey Schmidt  |  December 4, 2019

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Businesses are more and more pushing for digital transformations but they’re not sure how to go about it. Fortunately for them, there are companies that exist to move this process in the right direction. Here’s a helpful breakdown of the benefits that come along with hiring a digital transformation company, as well as a list of agencies to consider.

What does a digital transformation company do?

A digital transformation drastically changes existing business practices by converting physical formats into digital technology. A digital transformation company therefore exists to guide companies in their specific transformation journeys.

This isn’t to say that digital transformation companies only work with technologically uninformed or inefficient. In fact, these types of transformations often occur inside some fairly technologically-relevant businesses. The idea isn’t to necessarily inform them of new tech or tech practices. Instead, the goal is to change the way they handle different things, especially dealing with clients and customers. In fact, a lot of the ways an agency helps companies transform is in areas that ease customer burdens and strengthens customer’s experiences.

A robot creating a city.
Digital transformation companies guide tech-changing processes.

What kind of things to look for in an agency

The first thing you’ll want to consider is whether or not the agency you’re entrusting is an expert in the digital field. It’s important to find considerable evidence that they’re more than capable of handling all the technological improvements you wish to undertake. Every relevant agency should have a website with both a portfolio and a section explaining their digital acumen.

Next, make sure whichever agency you choose wants to do more than just make things work for you on a base level. That is to say, their plan should be comprehensive and extend further than the nuts and bolts of technological implementation. They should be helping with all sorts of projects that completely transform your company, otherwise they’re just not that useful.

A businessman looks at a city through a scope.
Agencies should seek out optimal ways to improve your company.

5 agencies to consider

Now that you know what to look for in an agency, here are five competent agencies to look into:

1. SPR

SPR is first up on the list because of the expertise they bring to the table. They not only have powerful solutions and strategies for company transformations, but they also are technologically advanced themselves. Their base expertise is all things tech. Therefore, it’s reassuring to have them at the helm of your operations, creating new ways to manage tasks using digital elements.


FROM is unique in that they use a highly personalized strategy to provide companies with a transformation that works specifically for them. Not only this, they also boast an amazing track record having worked for well-known clients in the past. This alone gives you a chance to see their work in action, as you can refer to some of their portfolio clients and observe their transformation success.

A screenshot of the FROM website.
The FROM website gives intimate detail about their strategies.

3. Konrad

Something that really stands out about Konrad is their ability and willingness to be successful internationally. This is an important detail to point out, as it promotes the idea that the agency is versatile and willing to work with diverse companies. Konrad also shows great innovation in their past work with important clients.

4. Digital Surgeons

Digital Surgeons not only transforms companies into the digital age, it does so with important details about competitors, market and more. For example, transforming a company into a more digitally-inclined operation is only the initial step with Digital Surgeons. They go further by making sure the transformation makes your company able to keep up with companies in the same field. This is apparent in their portfolio.


Last but not least, NANO is a comprehensive digital transformation agency with a versatile portfolio, extensive strategy and innovative ideas. They tailor the process using in-depth research so that each transformation serves the client optimally. Use NANO if you get excited by cutting-edge, modern ideas.

Selecting the right digital transformation company all comes down to your personal business needs combined with their strategies and plans for you. Make sure they’re capable of giving you exactly what you need to make things work perfectly all the way through the process.