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Different types of file upload sites to consider

by Casey Schmidt  |  September 23, 2019

3 min. read
An animated computer receiving a folder.

It’s inevitable you’ll need to use a file upload site at some point. There are a lot of different types of systems to use. Check out this list of different types to determine which one best suits you.

The best browser-based systems

Browser-based file upload sites allow users to make a convenient upload without installing a program or committing to a service. Here are the best systems available:


GoFile is a free-to-use service available via browser. What makes it so special is its unlimited limits on uploads and downloads. Users can upload files of any size at the maximum speed allotted. There’s also no limits to the amount of files a user can upload at any time. On top of all this, it has built-in security measures to protect your uploaded files.


WeTransfer lets you upload files directly to a specific email, yours or someone else’s. This cuts out a step if you’re trying to send someone a file. Though WeTransfer is free, there is an upgrade option if you’re looking to upload and store large files (up to 20GB).


Filebin stands out due to its simplicity. There are no excessive banners or ads – just an upload function. The system deletes uploads after a week, giving you quick and easy access to put your stuff on the web without the worry of it remaining online forever.

An animated web browser.
Browser-based services remove a lot of the hassle.

The best systems for business

Companies need extensive features when it comes to files their users upload and share. For that reason, they need a system personalized for business. Here are the best systems:

Canto DAM

Canto digital asset management (DAM) is the quintessential business system for file uploads. It has all the necessary features a company requires when managing important files. This includes things like metadata management, security, integrations and improved searches.

Google Drive

Google Drive deserves consideration here because of how easy it is for team members to collaborate in real time on files. Throughout a project, users can share files and collaborate on them with changes made immediately for other users to see. Drive even offers a business suite for more file space and business features.

An animated representation of digital file functions.
Sometimes a business file upload site is ideal.

The best desktop systems

Systems that you can install on your computer are important because they’re easier to use when you need to upload a lot of files. Here are the best systems:


Dropbox is an extremely popular file upload site with a lot of convenient features. Users can sync directly to their drive straight from their desktop, which is a nice benefit for anyone with a lot of files. Though it has some historical issues with security, Dropbox has made strides to improve in this area.


Box is a secure system that has a lot of different features. One important benefit it provides is the ability for users to upload files directly from their desktop. It also offers a simple interface that makes the entire process seamless.

Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for file upload sites. Figure out which category you need and then measure the performance of each before making a decision.