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Ditch the “Box” – Store files digitally with the help of DAM technology

by Canto  |  October 15, 2018

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Numerous carton boxes stand stacked in a warehouse.

The way companies store files has changed and continues to change. To stay competitive, you need to find a system capable of adapting to the continuous changes of digital file storage. You need to implement a system that manages digital assets efficiently. Box is a storage system that has basic functions, but it’s not a complete digital storage system. Businesses need more when storing sensitive digital files. Here are some key benefits to seek out when implementing a digital file storage system.

Workflow management is streamlined

It’s easy to find the perfect image or video file for a project when valuable company content is centrally stored in a complete digital file storage system. Consider solutions that not only provide a central location for digital assets but also automatically remove duplicates. This protects different users uploading the same file. A powerful constant in the organization of files is metadata, which is information about data.

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Implement a digital asset management system to utilize the full effects of metadata.

Box offers functional metadata, but companies need to have advanced metadata operations to truly streamline workflow. This is where Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) thrives. Its advanced metadata system is one-of-a-kind, providing in-depth information about each asset. Use a system with sophisticated metadata functions to increase efficiency and organization.

Optimize and expand permission structures

It’s important that the system you choose makes it easy to access the correct content at the right time.  Therefore it’s vital to implement software that allows a wide range of file permission configurations. Customizable portals, user roles, and both private and public portal access ensure administrators feel comfortable with how confidential content is shared.

DAM handles an extensive scope of permission configurations. Administrators have total control of sensitive data within a DAM system, and this boosts security as well as project efficiency. The DAM bends to the needs of the user, making it optimal for controlling access company-wide.

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Use a digital asset management system to have superior control over user permissions.

Use a system that promotes brand management

Advanced file storage solutions allow businesses to control how customers perceive them with features tailored to brand management. Few storage services have robust digital rights management features that allow team members to add watermarks and manage the copyright or terms and conditions of an asset. A storage system lets users create branded portals that showcase a brand’s identity. That way collaborators, outside teams and clients are always reminded of your brand.

Part of building and promoting brand is maintaining brand consistency. This is done by ensuring all team members within a company are working with the correct digital assets when creating brand images, logos and other brand indicators. DAM keeps everyone on the same page and makes sure brand is maintained throughout each campaign. It accomplishes this through management of brand images and layouts.

Canto’s digital asset management provides users with the above features and more. Consider a DAM when implementing a file storage system for your company.