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How a centralized digital asset library helps distributed teams stay in sync

by Catherine Chiang  |  January 27, 2020

3 min. read

Remote and distributed teams are becoming more and more common as technology makes it easier to work together, apart. We’re seeing distributed teams use centralized digital asset libraries to enable remote work, remove roadblocks and get aligned on their objectives.

Check out how these three teams use Canto to stay in sync.

evolution of smooth (eos)

Lip balms from eos.

eos’s trademark colorful lip balms have made a huge splash in the personal care market. The company expanded globally across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and China and found that they needed a modern digital asset management solution to support their distributed team.

“As we continued to grow as an organization, we began to house a larger number of folders on a server, and it became challenging to locate files. The server was slow so the whole process was time-consuming for everyone involved. When we’re in a rush to meet a deadline, we don’t have time for that,” says Valentin Costea, senior production artist at eos.

eos chose Canto as their digital asset library to house all of their packaging design, renderings, product images and social media graphics. Now, eos’s global team members can find what they need quickly and easily in their centralized Canto library.


Oceaneering Canto library
Oceaneering provides applied technology solutions to safely and reliably improve performance in oilfield, aerospace, entertainment, material handling, defense, renewable energy and research applications, with a large team spread out across the globe.

To keep their team in sync, Oceaneering uses Canto as the central hub for their digital assets, including presentations, high-resolution images, rendered images, videos and educational content.

The marketing team creates tons of collateral to help their sales team sell the diverse range of technologies they offer. Canto helps the sales team access this critical content on-demand and saves them hours of time.

“We exist to enable our sales team, to make selling easier, to help them outperform the competition. Canto helps us achieve these objectives and is, without a doubt, a huge boon to the marketing team. It showcases the potential of effective marketing and gives us a vote of confidence with the rest of the organization,” says Omeid Rahimian, project manager of the Global Marketing and Communications team at Oceaneering.

New World Symphony

A screenshot of the NWS digital library.
New World Symphony is an orchestral academy training the next generation of classical musicians. Marci Falvey, the senior director of communications, manages her team remotely and needed a DAM that could help her collaborate with her team.

“Having to access a shared drive on a server that was half a country away – that lag time was really hard on my work. I would have to lean on team members who were onsite and ask them, ‘Hey, can you find me this photo? I think it’d be a good fit, but I just can’t quickly load these high-res assets from this far away,’” says Marci.

With Canto, NWS’s library is at Marci’s fingertips and she no longer has to rely on teammates to send her assets. She can collaborate with her team in real time using features such as Canto workspaces.

“Canto has really been a game changer for us. It diminishes the cons of not being in the building and takes away the distance. We’re all looking at the same assets at the same time,” says Marci.