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How Canto customers streamline sharing assets with Portals

by Catherine Chiang  |  January 23, 2020

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One of our customers’ favorite Canto features is our portals. Portals enable teams to share portions of their main library via a customizable, intuitive interface that’s accessible through a link.

From cutting down on image requests to sharing contest winners, there are a myriad of ways to use portals. Here are some of our favorite portals from our customers!

Boral North America Stone Division

The Canto portal of Boral North America Stone Division.

Boral North America’s Stone Division uses four portals: one main portal for the sales team, one for PR/Communication agencies and another two that house their premier brands and are meant for access by retail distributors. This streamlines the way they share assets, virtually eliminating asset requests.

University and College Design Association (UCDA)

The Canto portal of the University and College Design Association (UCDA).UCDA displayed their 2019 UCDA Design Awards in a Canto portal, making it easy to share the winning works in an intuitive interface.

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium Public Portal with Canto

Seattle Aquarium uses a public Canto portal to streamline media requests. The portal gives the press access to a pre-approved library of brand assets and images.

High Point University

The Canto portal of High Point University.High Point University created a public Canto portal to share photos from their “Community Christmas at HPU” event. It’s beautifully organized so attendees can quickly find images for lasting memories!

SUNY Oneonta

The Canto portal of SUNY Oneonta.SUNY Oneonta created a Canto portal to share images to the public and press in a simple, clean layout.


Danner's portal in Canto
Danner strengthens their relationships with retailers by making it easy for their retail partners to grab product imagery from a Canto portal.

University of South Carolina Upstate

The Canto Portal of University of South Carolina Upstate.
USC Upstate uses a Canto portal to share assets quickly with media partners. This portal was invaluable on Media Day, when the school hosts local news outlets on campus.