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Latest updates that will jumpstart your video marketing

by Emily Byrne  |  September 7, 2021

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In the modern world of content marketing, there is no doubt that video has become increasingly valuable. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a video can say so much more. And with video becoming a foundational medium for marketing, storytelling, and connecting with your customers, having a centralized place to manage your video content is critical for team collaboration and working efficiently.

As always, we’re working hard to make Canto even better. If you use Canto for video, here are some recent updates that improve how you store and share your videos:

Preview 360º images and videos directly in Canto

Immerse yourself in 360º content no matter where you are! You can now preview 360º images and videos right in Canto. That way, there’s no need to download large files just to see what’s in them, and you can easily show off your 360º assets on location with clients.

How to do it

Simply click the 360º icon while previewing a 360º video or image and let your media come to life. To scan the image, drag the image with your mouse or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Preview of 360º image of woman snorkelling

See frame locations for video smart tags

With Canto’s latest version, you can now see exactly where smart tags are placed on videos. That way, it’s easy for your team to find important parts of the video without having to manually skip through all the footage. It saves time and makes it easy to discover the perfect clips – even when they’re buried in a longer video.

How to do it

From the preview page or details page, click on the pin icon on the tag to display the location of the object on the video progress bar.

Preview of video with smart tags

Display annotations on the progress bar of a video

With remote and hybrid work becoming the norm, our collaborators can’t always look over our shoulders to see what we’re talking about. That’s where Canto’s video annotations come in. And now they’re easier than ever to find – right in the video’s progress bar.

How to do it

Simply click the annotation marks on the progress bar to display additional comments.

Want to share a video with annotations? When sending a collection with an email link, you can choose whether to include annotations or send a clean version without comments.

Video preview with annotations

Trim and share videos in one easy step

Need to send collaborators just a clip to review, and not a whole video? When sending video collection links by email, we’ve made it easy to quickly trim and share videos, without having to save the new clip back to Canto.

How to do it

When creating an email collection link, simply set the start and end timestamps for the clip you want to send. Your link recipient will receive just that clip, while the original file in your Canto library remains unaffected.

Preview of how to trim a video of a mountain road


Check out all of the updates from our August 2021 release notes here.

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