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Promote your brand with LinkedIn marketing solutions

by Casey Schmidt  |  May 14, 2020

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Marketers search all corners of the web for unique places to share their latest project or campaign. One of the hot spots most of them land on is LinkedIn, which allows for vast connections and instant sharing of new articles. Here are some of the key ways LinkedIn marketing solutions can boost your brand.

First steps in the process

Before you begin taking advantage of all the different LinkedIn marketing benefits, make sure you understand these basic details:

Build a professional profile

If you don’t currently use LinkedIn, you’ll need to create an account in order to market on the platform. If you already have a personal LinkedIn account, you’re all set to create a business profile.

A person uses social media on a smartphone.
Make sure your profile looks professional.

Here’s a brief rundown on how to accomplish this:

  1. Locate the ‘Work’ tab in the upper right of the profile page
  2. Click the icon to open up the popup menu
  3. Click the ‘Create a Company Page +’ button
  4. Select your business type
  5. Click the ‘Create page’ button at the bottom of the page

Next, let’s make sure your images are the right size.

Correctly size your images

A profile page won’t look professional if your pictures aren’t optimized. All it takes is a few minor adjustments to have a sharp-looking LinkedIn page. There are set limits for a LinkedIn image size. The minimum is 400×400. The maximum is 8MB. Obviously, these are just the limits set by LinkedIn and don’t really provide you with a guideline for what looks best. This is something you’ll have to attempt on a trial-and-error basis until you find the right look for your profile image.

Tablets with social media sites on them.
Stick with image sizes that don’t draw negative attention.

Now that you have an idea about image sizes and building a profile, let’s give you some tips to boost your LinkedIn marketing.

Crucial tips to excel your brand using LinkedIn

The following tips are certain to improve the efficacy of your current LinkedIn marketing campaigns:

1. Expand your network meaningfully

It’s easy to tell someone that they need to grow their network on LinkedIn to succeed. However, it’s not really the case. In fact, it might even restrict your chances of reaching the right people if your network is overwhelmed with random connections.

Instead, attempt to make meaningful connections that will give you a chance to share important articles with and get valuable feedback from. The key is quality over quantity.

A man builds a social media profile.
Making the right connections is key.

2. Optimize your content

It’s great that you’ve taken the time to create a business profile on LinkedIn and grow your network. However, if you’re sharing hundreds of articles that lack compelling content, your efforts will have been in-vain.

After targeting the right audience, think about what types of articles are already available to them. Consider what types of things would make your post stand out. If it’s in line with the standard content, think about switching a few things up.

3. Take advantage of LinkedIn groups

Part of expanding your connections involves branching out and exploring new areas. By joining a new group, you give yourself a chance to meet new people and form relationships with like-minded users.

This can eventually lead to expanding your network and a chance to share with them the latest marketing campaigns you’ve built.

LinkedIn continues to grow in popularity, adding exciting people to the platform each day. Take advantage of this expansive network and promote your marketing projects.