Marketing Project Management – a Comprehensive Guide

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Marketing project management software helps organizations utilize new innovations. Learn how to implement a system that syncs with your company’s marketing goals.

What Is Marketing Project Management?

Marketing project management is the complete overarching administration and development of a marketing campaign. Marketing project management increases productivity by providing guidelines to team members that help them complete campaign tasks correctly and efficiently.

Now that you understand what marketing project management is, check out some of the ways it helps your company.

Project Oversight

There are different phases successful marketing campaigns follow. The first step is to inform the marketing team of the project specifications. After task assignment, it’s important to monitor the work. Open communication during this process is key. Marketing project management tools allow a quick transition from the project appointment phase into the working phase.

A project on a whiteboard.
Control a project with concentrated oversight.

Admins require control over which image, video or document is downloaded or uploaded and by whom. Therefore, they need tools that store creative components of a project in a central location to avoid miscommunication when retrieving digital assets. Any system implemented should satisfy these important requirements.

Optimize Team Communication

Communication has taken on a whole new meaning, with all sorts of ways to stay in contact with other team members. Just as important as team members communicating properly is the ease of access the project manager has with the team. It’s important that overall communication is accessible to everyone and is reviewable for future reference.

Members of a team looking over documents.
Keep teams communicating at a high level.

Marketing project management ensures the entire campaign flows seamlessly. This includes communication from department to department. Breakdowns of communication are likely interdepartmentally, which is why a management system needs to ensure it doesn’t.

Software Supplement

Marketing project management is enhanced by systems that automate and advance marketing campaigns. It benefits from sophisticated marketing tools that develop their projects. These tools should offer teams a comprehensive structure to help them complete projects accurately. They also need to handle scheduling, task-setting and timelines.

Canto DAM interface.
Software is the key to boost marketing project management.

Digital asset management (DAM) is one such tool that boosts marketing project management. DAM allows team members to stay connected and share work files. Most importantly, it gives project managers greater control of the progress of the team, and allows more access to the communication within the project. It also provides an organized, searchable database of project content.

Marketing project management involves many different moving pieces from intake to publication. Ensure you use it correctly with the help of digital asset management software.


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