The Future of Marketing Project Management


The future of marketing project management (MPM) is here, and teams are thriving by taking advantage of the hottest marketing technology. New innovations are available to everyone and successful organizations are utilizing them to leave their competitors in the dust.

Clear Oversight – Navigating the Tasks of a Successful Marketing Project

Organize your marketing projects by taking advantage of the newest marketing project management tech. The first step is to get the marketing team onto the same page when you get the specifications of the project. After task assignment, monitoring the work and communication is paramount. Having total oversight during this process is key. Luckily, marketing project management tools like digital asset management allow a quick transition from the project appointment phase into the working phase.

Digital asset management (DAM) gives admins full oversight of which image, video or document was download or uploaded and by whom. This keeps the creative components of a project in a central location for storage so there isn’t that common scramble for a picture. Every project will have goals and deadlines for completion, but only with the use of modern tech will you stay ahead of the curve.

marketing project management
A central storage location is key to marketing project management.

Optimizing Team Communication With Modern Software

Just as important as team members communicating properly is the ease of access the project manager has with the team. Communication has taken on a whole new meaning, with all sorts of ways to stay in contact with other team members – it’s important that overall communication is accessible to everyone and can be reviewed for future reference.

Tech that a lot of organizations use for marketing project management do nothing but frustrate. File storage programs such as Google Docs or Workfront aren’t designed to efficiently boost team communication in a modern organization. They offer no connectivity or value as a marketing project management tool. However, digital asset management (DAM) software from Canto is the center of your marketing projects.

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Guide your team through the entire marketing project with DAM. Canto DAM allows members of a team to stay connected and share workfiles. Most importantly, it gives project managers greater control of the progress of the team, and allows more access to the communication within the project. It also provides a more organized, searchable database of project content.

The ability to organize all files and instantly contact every member of a specific team keeps everything running smoothly. Mistakes are a lot easier to correct, and if the details of an image or video need to be changed or updated, the entire team is much more accessible for notification.

Marketing project management involves many different moving pieces from intake to publication. Smooth out the rough edges of your project process – download this free ebook to start building your media library today