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How to build a business case for digital asset management

by Canto  |  March 1, 2023

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Illustration of a marketer pointing at a graph to make the case for investing in a DAM.

Want to skip the theory and start crunching numbers? Let our digital asset management ROI calculator walk you through your ROI calculation step-by-step.

If you work with digital content, you probably already know a digital asset management (DAM) solution is worth the investment. Everything’s in one place. All of your brand assets are at your fingertips. Sharing content with anyone is a snap!

However, business leaders responsible for purchase decisions may need to see those benefits in more objective terms. When it comes to balancing budgets, it’s all about return on investment (ROI). By focusing less on how the software works and more on how it will impact the business, you can make a persuasive case for implementing a digital asset management solution in any economic climate.

So how exactly does a DAM platform like Canto unlock revenue and boost your organization’s bottom line? Here are some key points to highlight as you build your business case for digital asset management.

Digital content is an investment

Images, videos, and other collateral are called “digital assets” because they have real financial value. You invest money to create them, and you use them to generate revenue. Canto increases the ROI on those investments, allowing you to make a bigger impact for every dollar you invest in content. Here’s how:

Create more content – With faster workflows and fewer roadblocks, you can increase creative output without growing your team or spending more on agencies.

Reuse and repurpose content – With better visibility into the brand assets you already have, it’s easy to reuse and repurpose existing content instead of creating everything from scratch.

Leverage your content more effectively – When impactful brand assets are easy to find, people are more likely to use them and share them — amplifying their reach and increasing their impact.

It costs a lot to produce one piece of content. Using Canto to distribute content to multiple countries can save a lot of money. We’re now reusing more content and removing redundancies in our workflows. That’s had a significant impact.

Give your team more time for high-value work

Teams trying to organize, find, and share digital content without a digital asset management tool face cumbersome daily hurdles that draw their time and attention away from more strategic work. Common problems holding these teams back include:

  • Content is scattered all over the place, and people can’t find what they need
  • Skilled professionals get bogged down in tedious manual tasks, like resizing and reformatting the same images, videos, etc. over and over again
  • Every task comes with extra steps because essential tools don’t work together

By freeing your team to do high-value work, you can plan more campaigns, create more impactful content, and find new ways to connect with potential customers.

Go to market faster and inspire customers with targeted campaigns

Highly targeted campaigns are one of the most effective ways to win customers over. But tailoring creative assets to appeal to to different audiences is a resource-intensive undertaking. As a result, content becomes a bottleneck, stretching out campaign timelines and slowing speed to market.

Canto removes that bottleneck, empowering teams to create and distribute segmented campaign collateral at scale. With the right tools to quickly repurpose content for different audiences and verticals and usher it through the digital content supply chain, your team can launch more campaigns faster — with just the right messaging and visuals to resonate with your customers.

Minimize risk to your business with digital rights management

Fashion brand image showing status in Canto's digital rights management interface.

Using copyrighted or licensed materials incorrectly can expose your organization to serious liability in the form of fines or lawsuits.

Canto’s built-in digital rights management (DRM) stores essential copyright and digital rights information right alongside each digital asset. That way, everyone using your content can do so confidently, secure in the knowledge all the necessary rights and permissions are in place. When rights expire, digital asset management platforms have a variety of features that make it easy to take content out of circulation, preventing costly mix-ups and mistakes.

Your brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets. It’s worth managing and protecting.

A consistent brand builds customer loyalty and increases revenue — by as much as 23% according to some calculations. But as brands grow and more people have a hand in creating and distributing content, it can be hard to maintain a consistent brand identity.

Canto makes it possible to manage your brand at scale — ensuring a polished, consistent customer experience across every touchpoint. Brand managers have central oversight and can easily remove off-brand or outdated content from circulation. Contributors have direct access to approved brand guidelines and assets, making it easy to make the right creative decisions. And version controls ensure only on-brand, approved content makes it out into the world.

With a central platform to manage and grow your brand, it’s easier than ever to leverage your brand identity to stand out from the competition.

How much revenue can Canto unlock for your organization?

Ready to put these ideas into practice? Use our digital asset management ROI calculator to do a custom calculation for your team and see how the numbers add up. Have questions? Get in touch! We’d be happy to help you explore how Canto can address specific business challenges and generate value for your organization.