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5 solutions to improve your marketing technology

by Casey Schmidt  |  October 24, 2019

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A digital marketing technology representation.

A dynamic martech stack is crucial to marketing success. In order to build your software list correctly, you need to evaluate different possible solutions. Learn which martech solutions best boost campaigns before beginning your next project. Here are five unique solutions that build a strong martech stack.

1. Content

Content is vital to digital marketing because of the strong bonds it creates between customer and organization. It gives companies the opportunity to present creative ideas to consumers. These ideas enhance the reputation of an organization. Deliver and store solid content to continue successful, loyal relationships with current customers and obtain new clients.

Digital asset management

Digital asset management (DAM) provides a central location to store valuable assets such as images or videos. Having data in a central library makes it easy for team members to locate needed files during projects. Organization of files from DAM systems promotes efficiency.

A screenshot of the Canto DAM interface.
A DAM system has allows access from numerous devices.

A great feature of DAM is the security it provides. DAM offers solutions to copyright issues through watermarks. Images placed into the library get watermarked, preventing unauthorized downloads.

Canto DAM is the premier digital asset management system due to its top-notch security and powerful integrations with cloud storage software. Furthermore, it promotes collaboration and widens asset access.

Content marketing

Content marketing helps organizations earn customer trust. It also secures their loyalty. Marketing this way lets the customer feel they’re not being sold but rather informed. The consumer lowers their defenses when reading content marketing and are more receptive to ideas in the content.

A screenshot of the Percolate software interface.
Content marketing is a collaborative effort that garners real results.

Create material that distinguishes itself from the barrage of sale ads consumers face daily. Branch out from the usual sales advertisement and take a subtle approach with content marketing.

Uberflip is a great system for content marketing trends. It offers specialized help for marketers and assists with content presentation and quality. A strong alternative is Percolate, a content marketing software designed to produce superior content, quality and quantity.


Search engine optimization promotes your product and brings in traffic organically. It’s a free way to connect your product to a searcher and get more leads. It takes a mix of technical and content know-how and the right tool can make all the difference.

Rankwatch takes care of a lot of the SEO process for an organization, leaving more time to focus on content. Rankwatch gives organizations an easy-to-use display of all SEO analytics. If getting a better grasp of SEO is of importance, MOZ is a helpful SEO system that focuses on teaching concepts to beginners. Consider it instead of Rankwatch if you’re focused on furthering SEO knowledge.

A screenshot of Rankwatch's interface.
SEO requires in-depth analysis and teamwork to be successful.

2. Advertising and promotion

Advertising creates vast opportunities to explain how a product benefits a specific audience. It’s also a chance for an organization to show its values and goals to consumers. Promotion is an event that brings positive attention to your product. It’s an often understated process to publicize. Stay committed to the advertising market to maintain and increase market share.

Search advertising

Target the intended audience with a strong plan of attack for search advertising. The source (Google or Bing) keywords targeted and content make search advertising effective.

One powerful tool for enhancing your search advertising campaigns is analytics. The right information provides insight into relevant details about potential consumers. Users who click on your site through the advertisement give vital clues and help further sculpt campaigns to the intended audience.

Kenshoo Search delivers innovative search advertising due to its understanding of the constant changes in search evolution. It combines Google and Bing automatically, boosting outreach. Use Kenshoo to keep your organization’s advertisements relevant and formatted correctly. One alternative to Kenshoo is Marin Search, a system that also combines Google and Bing and continuously monitors growth potential. Marin provides data and insight for all advertising campaigns.

A screenshot of the Kenshoo software interface.
Use marketing technology to stay ahead of the search advertising competition.

Social advertising

One of the strongest benefits social advertising offers is the chance to let consumers do promotional work for you. A big reason organizations use social advertising is this type of promotion extends further through supportive users. A social PPC (pay per click) campaign subtly recruits consumers to become an army of marketers for an organization.

Another powerful advantage of social advertising is personalized campaigns. The advertising is focused and crafted to fit your target audience. The ability to target specific groups increases success and allows specialized crafting of advertisements.

A screenshot of the Marketo social advertising software interface.
Social marketing is an efficient way to cater a campaign towards your target audience.

Marketo’s social advertising features are perfect because its a complete system for all the needs of a marketing strategy. It keeps track of important information regarding social ads as well, making it a must-have. If you want something less comprehensive, try Hootsuite, designed to boost social campaigns using state-of-the-art analytics and integrations.

Video advertising

A video ad draws users in with intriguing content and presents a theme or message, ideally planted covertly in the form of a story. Advertising through video is important to marketers because it’s highly customizable and is created with a targeted audience in mind.

A great benefit of video ads are their capability to succeed on multiple platforms due to flexibility to vary length. This is crucial due to lessened attention spans when someone is on the phone or browsing the web. Having a shorter video strengthens the chance it will get watched in its entirety.

Promo is an amazing choice for video advertising software due to its quick creations and copyright-friendly audio selections. Promo is versatile and can handle a variety of video categories. A more hands-on software is Shakr, which gives a preset layout and design. All it requires is to fill in a few details and a video is created quickly. It is a customizable option for video advertising software.

A screenshot of the Shakr video software interface.
Create inspiring videos tailored toward specific consumers.

3. Social and relationships

Social and relationship marketing spotlights the dynamics of individual consumers and how their attributes could be targeted in a campaign. Marketing in this manner involves meaningful interaction with customers. It is also a chance to collect powerful information and build long term relationships.

Call analytics

Call analytics is used to measure success of marketing campaigns. Managers use calls as a way to find out which marketing schemes drove those customers and clients to their business. They take this knowledge and adjust future projects accordingly.

Receive information about potential consumers such as age or location to further precision of marketing campaigns. Call analytics provide these insights and more. This offers a better understanding of demographics. Lastly, a call helps predict future trends of consumers.

CallRail has perfected the call analytics software and offers support in data and marketing efforts. It offers the most complete system for call analytics and makes the process of acquiring valuable data via phone call simple. An alternative marketing technology with different features is CallTracker. CallTracker is integrated with Google Ads and provides extensive details of every call tracked.

A screenshot of the CallRail software interface.
Monitor calls and collect important data from callers for informative analysis.


A chatbot gives immediate, cheap customer service without human dependence. Administrators feel at ease knowing the bot will never terminate employment unexpectedly, fall asleep during work or give incorrect information. With bots, updating company details doesn’t require time-consuming meetings. With no salary involved, the chatbot assists potential customers and nets a bigger sale amount.

A chatbot gives organizations a modern feel, which could be the deciding factor for a customer looking for a technologically-evolved company. Chatbots have the ability to lighten a mood with humor and creativity as well. This surprises a lot of customers and raises intrigue about an organization’s potential.

Drift has personalized chat bot software that emulates the perfect salesperson. Organizations trust them to provide amazing, unique chatbots on websites at all hours of the day. An interesting alternative is SecondEGO, martech with lifelike chatbots who learn information the more they exist. This would be a great choice when seeking a more personable chatbot representative.


Webinars offer an interactive learning experience and most allow time for a Q&A with viewers. This helps potential and current customers stay informed about all the new happenings of an organization. It also shows them their concerns are valued.

A screenshot of the analytics of ClickMeeting software.
Webinars can be re-watched, which provides chances for the content to spread to a variety of consumers.

Another valuable feature of webinars is they can be re-watched later. This gives organizations a chance to review what went right or wrong. Furthermore, any customers who missed the live viewing have an opportunity to watch.

BigMarker is a great solution for webinar creation and hosting. It’s easy to use and has a lot of different helpful functions to customize a presentation. ClickMeeting is a unique alternative webinar software due to its paypal integration for paid webinars and file-sharing capabilities.

4. Commerce and sales

Commerce and sales progressed in complexity due to the digital revolution. As a result, businesses adapted by using automation. They also began implanting digital into non-digital things. Part of the new systems in place come with the territory of delicate monitoring to optimize success. Staying current with potential trends is one of many solid benefits as a result.

E-commerce marketing

E-commerce marketing attempts to drive traffic to an online store. But it’s a grueling process that involves a lot of time investment, so it’s important to have a few strategies to ensure a precise optimization. The first thing to consider doing is checking the layout and navigation for ease of use. If a customer is new to the site, how easy will it be for them to find exactly what they want and how long will it take? Testing and retesting this is key.

A screenshot of Zaius' ecommerce marketing software interface.
Brainstorm e-commerce marketing ideas to bring traffic to your online store.

Another great approach is using blogs to give a sense of the product being sold to potential buyers without being confrontational. A blog is a passive way to promote product without being intimidating.

Zaius is proving itself a valuable system for e-commerce marketing. Zaius has important features including analytics to increase potential revenue. Remarkety also has a lot of ideal benefits for e-commerce marketing, including an in-depth email marketing system.

IoT marketing

An important step in Internet of Things marketing is figuring out the best ways to obtain data and then use it in marketing campaigns. Once a storage system is in place, data is utilized through a plethora of ‘things’.

The way information is utilized needs to be planned out and thoroughly researched. Marketers have complete access to a person’s device-usage – now they need to create marketing campaigns using that information. This requires a plan of attack that is comprehensive for an entire team.

A screenshot of TIBCO's IOT software interface.
Target consumers with IoT marketing technology.

Intertek is an important software to consider for IoT, as it understands how vital the developing IoT landscape is for marketing. Intertek provides constant testing of devices for performance and quality. For a more user-involving software, consider TIBCO’s IoT solution. It provides instant data for quick decisions.

Sales automation

As technology continues to evolve, sales automation software is becoming more complex and brings with it the opportunity for efficiency. Sales automation provides a more accurate way to make sales attempts. This is a huge time saver, as organizing a call-list could take days for a human.

Automating emails not only saves time but also creates a more informed customer. The obvious benefit is not having to keep track of who has been emailed, how many times they’ve been emailed and what kind of response they’ve given. This kind of system can alter the way it relays certain content to particular customers, which gives better opportunity for the consumer to commit to your product.

A screenshot of the Pipedrive interface.
Sales automation makes for less tedious work and more efficient marketing technology.

Pipedrive is a simplistic automation tool to manage sales. Its name is very fitting as it acts like a pipe, feeding you important information to stay on task and understand current sales process. A company with a more complex sales automation software is Soffront. Soffront’s features are more advanced and are organized conveniently.

5. Data

Data is a big part of the marketing process because it gives marketers proof of success or failure. It answers questions that used to be based on intuition among marketers. Data slices through uncertainties to show teams how profitable their creative output is.

Data science

Using statistical models, data lineage scientists take creative output from marketers and run it through simulations to determine if it will succeed in the current landscape. Data science essentially creates the odds as to whether a marketing campaign will be successful and how profitable it will be.

A screenshot of a data science software.
Data science provides extensive analytics for organizations to utilize.

Scientists run current campaigns through statistical analysis models to determine how well their marketing is working. This gives valuable insight into what to change, what is working the best and how to continue as an organization.

RapidMiner provides the necessary tools of a data science system. The thing that truly sets it apart from other software is its built-in prediction models that give extensive insight into data. For a more advanced system try Dataiku’s DSS. Its model extends past basics of data science and attempts to give the most detailed information available at all times.


Unprocessed data has a lot of potential value for marketers but it’s useless without a data management platform (DMP). A DMP takes the crucial data, sorts it and delivers it in a much more accessible form.

DMP marketing technology also collects data in a nuanced fashion, picking it up from underutilized sources. Having data collection through numerous avenues increases accuracy of consumer trends.

A screenshot of the TreasureData interface.
Use a DMP to organize data and make it more accessible.

TreasureData is an optimal DMP system due to its ease of use. It prepares data immediately and integrates data continuously. Talend has a unique DMP software to consider as well, with numerous data preparation options, management features and data profiling.

Mobile analytics

Behavior of a mobile user is inevitably different than a traditional user. Pinpointing these behaviors through mobile analytics gives knowledge to organizations to market toward specific natures.

Mobile use is increasing and leaving desktop usage behind. Crafting marketing campaigns with a mobile focus is key to keeping up with user trends. Determine the differences in behavior that mobile users are enacting and exploit these findings for massive growth.

A screenshot of the Singular product in action.
Gain strong insight from mobile analytics.

Singular includes intelligent mobile analytics software and focuses on mobile data specifically. It has a vast advertising network and extensive analytic tools. For a less comprehensive system try Localytics, which has a more concentrated mobile analytics platform.

Build a martech stack but don’t consider your marketing technology journey complete. Instead, stay current with tech trends and read up on marketing changes. Reevaluate your stack constantly to ensure efficiency and success.