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A comprehensive MEGA file upload guide for the average user

by Casey Schmidt  |  February 14, 2020

4 min. read
A group of cloud computers.

MEGA is a lesser-known, interesting file hosting service. It has a lot of cool features that might appeal to you compared to other options. This article breaks down these features and gives a comparison to its peers for your convenience. It is a complete MEGA file upload guide. First, let’s make sure you know what MEGA is.

What is MEGA?

MEGA is a unique cloud storage service that offers innovative ways for users and businesses to upload, share and store files. MEGA is an accessible system that is usable on different computer operating systems as well as mobile devices. There are different plan options that give users a choice of up to 16TB of storage and transfer (32TB of combined storage/transfer altogether). It is a way to store all types of media files, regardless of size.

The benefits of MEGA file uploads

There are a lot of different ways MEGA stands out as a cloud service. The first thing that users will notice is there’s no limit to file sizes when sharing. When uploading or transferring a file, the system won’t reject it for being too large. This opens up the possibilities of which types of media files users can store and share.

A screenshot of the MEGA interface.
There’s no hard cap on file size limits.

Another thing that helps MEGA stand out is its encrypted chat. This allows the file-sharing process to extend further than a simple point A to point B type of transaction. Instead, users are able to give details on each share through encrypted chat. If necessary, there is even an audio and video option to hammer out some details with a fellow team member. Overall, MEGA gives a large space and transfer allowance on secure systems at reasonable prices.

Some downsides and alternatives

One thing that stands out, particularly for the business version of MEGA, is their lack of administration empowerment. MEGA has gone out of their way to secure their systems with extensive encryption processes but they fail to truly stamp out potential threats through administrative oversight. If MEGA really wants to be trusted by businesses with sensitive data, they’d consider allowing administrators complete control of the system so that team members aren’t able to accidentally mismanage important files.

A toy tractor pulling the word 'admin' on blocks.
Lack of administrative oversight is a serious issue.

It’s important that you have a few options to look over when selecting a cloud storage. Therefore, I selected a couple systems that I feel provide similar positives to MEGA without some of the flaws. The first is digital asset management, the modern way businesses store files. These systems give businesses total control and organization of all their files. It’s also extremely secure and allows for extensive team communication. The next system to check out is Dropbox. Dropbox is the most widely-used cloud storage tool and it continually improves upon itself each year with new updates and security upgrades. Check out Dropbox if you want competitive pricing plans and fast transfers.

Now that you have a few alternatives to consider, let’s refocus on MEGA by showing you some ways to overdrive its efficiency.

Unique ways to boost your MEGA file upload process

The first way to boost your MEGA performance is by extending the scope of its potential through different access points. For example, you can use MEGA on the go via the mobile app they provide. The app is comprehensive, allowing your mobile tools to sync with MEGA and automate a lot of your uploads. This also opens up communication with team members, as you’ll be able to stay in touch with project peers no matter where you are.

A young woman uses a mobile device outdoors.
Mobile devices increase the range of service use.

Another way to enhance your MEGA experience is through the MEGA browser extensions. There is now a way for users to upload their files much faster by using an extension on their Google Chrome browser. The MEGA extension improves loading speeds, security and performance. This is a perfect way to maximize your projects while using the MEGA system.

As you’re now well-aware, MEGA has some really cool functions and features that other systems don’t. It also has some weaknesses that stick out like a sore thumb. Make sure you do your research and compare it to other systems to make sure it’s truly right for you.