Online Team Collaboration – Connect and Succeed


Teams are increasingly moving online, making active communication a real challenge in today’s business landscape. What are the benefits of committing to online team collaboration? Read on to learn how online collaborative environments foster synergy, workflow productivity and employee trust.

Online Team Collaboration Amplifies Workflow

Critical to online collaboration is the ability to compensate. Making up for time, weaknesses and solitude – working together can help hedge against many of these issues.

Online team collaboration allows you to compensate for potential limitations or time constraints. An extreme example is the Human Genome Project – scientists around the world are collaborating to sequence and map all human DNA. No single science lab could do the work of thousands around the world working together.

Forming a safe environment in which members can freely ask for and receive help will encourage members to bounce new ideas off of one another. Even for online teams working remotely in locations farther away and in different time zones, quick communication is possible with the advent of new technologies.

And simply immersing oneself towards a common goal can tear down organizational silos and invigorate your creative process.

online collaboration
Fostering a free environment is key for online team collaboration.

Online Team Collaboration Inspires Synergy

In a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review over a period of two decades, teams that engaged in collaborative activities saw more organizational success over 50 percent of the time. The answer in favor of collaboration is a resounding ‘yes.’

Bringing people together and soliciting their collective insights is a great first step to starting the online collaboration process. How do you structure a team that is greater than the sum of its parts? You need to recruit the right members. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Assemble teams with balanced personalities and levels of experience
  • Weave networks composed of both inner and outer members with specialized skill sets
  • Elect leaders to set a clear vision and guidelines to which members can adhere
  • Implement the proper tools that can connect online teams together to optimize the communicative stream

By leveraging teams with various strengths and viewpoints, you’ll be well positioned to solve challenges and think creatively.

Online Team Collaboration Engenders Trust

As important, if not more so, is nurturing trust between individuals, especially when associating faces to an online presence is an ever-growing challenge. Online team collaboration is just not possible without collective buy-in from every part of the community. According to Harvard Business Review, only 46 percent of employees have “a great deal of trust” in their employers, and 15 percent have “very little” or “no trust at all.”

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How can online collaboration build trust? For Karyn Twaronite of EY, reporting with Harvard Business Review, she says trust would influence employees to be “happier at work, stay at the company, do higher quality work, be more engaged and productive.”

Unfortunately, trust does not develop instantly, or even quickly. Trust must necessarily be established, and then nourished and protected if it is to yield dividend on a team’s collaborative efforts. The fact that online teams work remotely and are separated by time and space only exacerbates the challenge.

Yet, on a more fortuitous note, there are plenty of online collaboration tools, like Basecamp or Asana that can help scaffold trust into your team’s routines so that communication becomes consistent and accessible.

Another powerful tool is a digital asset management (DAM) solution. Not only can a DAM system organize your library of brand assets, it can also make online collaboration easy with a myriad of helpful functionalities.

Using a DAM keeps everyone on the same page and streamlines your team collaboration.

Streamline Online Team Collaboration With DAM

Managing many moving parts involved in online team collaboration can be streamlined with a DAM. Let’s take producing a webinar for example. A live event webinar requires a number of assets to be created and finalized. Emails, PowerPoint, landing pages and social media graphics are all essential components – all very visual in nature.

Many collaborators across the team will all need to access images. DAM helps you ensure everyone is pulling from the same central library of assets.

Collaboration is enhanced with a DAM system. You can house and organize all your digital assets, and once there, you can define permissions to who can access which files securely through a Portal. For those you’ve allowed, they’ll be able to interact with any of the content you choose to include in a project.

Building relationships on a foundation of trust and a singular goal, even with an online presence is possible. A DAM system can unlock the powers of not just organization, but also communication so that your team is optimized; so that your team is connected.

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