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The top 3 PC backup software systems available

by Casey Schmidt  |  October 17, 2019

3 min. read
Digital data with a key in the center.

Technology sometimes fails – that’s the reality we live with. When it does, we want to have taken all the necessary precautions, such as PC backup software, to ensure we don’t lose everything. This is especially the case with computers. Too often a computer breaks down and leaves its user without any of their valuable files.

Digital content is increasing rapidly so it makes sense to back it up with PC backup software. Whether it’s protecting sensitive enterprise content or securing individual user files such as photos or videos, a PC backup system is necessary. Which ones are the best though? Here’s the top three available.

1. Paragon Backup and Recovery

Paragon protects us from the unexpected when it comes to losing digital content. We usually think of a hard drive failure when we imagine how losing files could happen. But what about things like viruses and random, unexplained errors? This is what makes Paragon so effective. It handles everything that might go wrong from the get go.

A cloud hovering three desktop computers.
It’s convenient when our backup handles viruses, too.

Paragon works by offering users different types of recovery options. They’re allowed to target specific files and drives for backup. They can also select a full recovery, which restores the entire operating system in its current state. This option works when the entire operating system is unusable from a software mishap.

2. ShadowProtect by StorageCraft

There are two main reasons ShadowProtect by StorageCraft is such a good option. First, it’s fast. Down-times are unacceptable, especially for big enterprises. They simply cannot afford an error to shut them down for too long. With some systems, they won’t be able to recover their files right away. Luckily, ShadowProtect gets them up and running quickly.

The other big reason to love ShadowProtect is its interface is so easy to use. When you’re trying to restore valuable assets, complex doesn’t necessarily mean better. This system is accessible for all skill levels and lets users find what they need as soon as possible.

A pair of laptops connected to one server.
Down time is unacceptable when it comes to backup software.

3. O&O DiskImage

O&O has so many features and tools that it had to fill out this list. The first feature it offers is a free trial, giving you a chance to try it out. One great feature is how convenient setting it up is. You can backup your PC while working on it, avoiding any downtime. Furthermore, if the unthinkable happens and you need to restore, O&O is very fast.

O&O has many customizable features which make it stand out among PC backup systems. One such feature is an automatic backup fitted to files and folders you personally select. This allows users to keep particular types of files backed up no matter what. Anything put into certain locations are automatically backed up, making sure the valuable items are secure.

Make sure you’re protected from all angles when it comes to digital content. As long as you have a good backup in place, things can never get out of hand.