Photo Management Software – 3 Solutions for Modern Companies


Modern organizations are gravitating toward photo management software at a rapid rate. Cloud image management is becoming more important with the content boom and companies are finding it necessary to have comprehensive control over their images.

Photo management is the handling or control of images, particularly in a business setting. Current strategies for image management include tools to store images and make searching for them much faster.

With modern organizations taking full advantage of photo management systems, it’s important to not lag behind. Photo manager software stores photos in organized sections inside a data library, making it easy for teams to recall specific photos.

Photo Management Software – File Storage Systems

The ability to summon any photo in your organization empowers team members to cooperate and create together.

Many organizations use file storage systems such as Dropbox and Google Drive to store all sorts of files, including photos. These tools provide simple cloud-based access to files. However, the downside is that these systems aren’t optimized for how teams need to work with their brand’s visual photography and video content.

image management
Image management improves with the proper tools.

Today’s businesses need to enrich photos with tags, keywords and other descriptive data to make searching for the right image incredibly fast. And companies need a way to share photos while maintaining control over copyrights and who has access to the content for how long.

When it comes to sharing and organizing, simple file storage systems are not business-oriented tools.

Photo Management Software – Digital Asset Management

Promoting a brand relies on compelling visuals. Great visuals require photo management, particularly the ability to select the right photo to fit certain promotional needs. Visual goals of a project are satisfied when photos are tailored to fit the specific situation. Captivating photos are a necessity, and organizations should make it a top priority for photo managers to empower users to find exactly what they need.

A professional looking project is the result of proper photo selection and editing. Another important idea to consider when searching in photo manager software is finding programs that allow versioning, approvals resizing and cropping for simple edits by users.

To build off this organizational requirement, modern photo manager systems include the use of metadata, which gives teams the power to use keyword searches to find particular photos. Instant access to photos gives the power to quickly complete projects and reach goals. Digital asset management systems make the most of metadata, giving team members the tools to finding certain photos.

Digital asset management is a photo manager designed to provide users with quick, safe sharing options for images. DAM is the safest cloud image management option, as it keeps shared photos and brands images safe to avoid image theft.

DAM also uses metadata, another capability that boosts an organization’s efficiency. With metadata, users will finish tasks sooner as they’ll search through shared images faster with keywords. Teams can locate specific data and photos for projects, which helps reach deadlines and boost productivity.

Photo Management Software – Unification of File Types and Names

Creative output among team members is maximized with the ability to readily share photos. Retrieving shared photos from an image database encourages creativity to flourish. Visual aspects of projects evolve into the complete, intended final form of a planned aesthetic. The image portion of any design, brand or project boosts creativity and strengthens the text and message it accompanies.

Cloud image management like image hosting gives your organization a chance to increase efficiency and creativity. Modern organizations are using so many digital tools in their daily projects that storing and sharing images from a central ‘single source of truth’ is a must. Using a modern tech solution for image management is vital.

A photo management system should adapt to fit the needs of an organization. If it fails to do so, it may be too rigid for your unique business. Envision the needs of your team members and select the photo storage that matches how your images need to flow within and outside your company.

As your photo storage grows, you’ll need to have a strong understanding of how to best manage your image library. Download the free ebook below to learn more: