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Portals – 3 tips to make your public content shine

by Canto  |  February 8, 2021

3 min. read

When sharing your content online, keeping assets up to date and your brand on point is super important. How the public access and use your content has a direct impact on brand perception. Knowing what assets to make available is key to a product or campaign’s success. Without an established process, public sharing can feel like a drain on your time. Your marketing team needs control over which digital assets are accessible to keep a brand on point and in sync.

Enter Portals, a Canto tool that empowers creative teams to make digital content like logos and the latest product images available online. Portals make your digital assets available to the public to share and use in line with any intellectual property requirements you may have. Here are three tips to help you distribute content and represent your brand in the best possible way with Portals.

Create a media press kit

Time and time again, media and press teams request access to common digital assets. These requests for ‘one-off’ usage of a logo, image or video can easily overburden a department. If wanting consistency you need to know where your assets are. Thankfully, Portals come with libraries and folders that make searching for assets simple. This tool allows your team to easily upload the latest brand logos and share your most iconic images.

Like our Canto customer, The Set Hotels, you can use Portals to deliver content to the press that you wish to have used. This hospitality giant also uses its Portals to inform the media about upcoming events and exemplify the grand nature of their locations alongside iconic logos.

Brian Gore, the VP of Brand, Marketing and Digital values how Portals helps them share.

“Canto Portals allow us to effortlessly share assets with those most important to us in a safe and reliable manner.”

three set hotels

Keep your viewing gallery on point and up to date

A gallery allows you to showcase your business’s best sides in a themed and organized fashion. It also encourages creatives to keep brand assets up to date and allows marketing teams to promote a product, service or event. Having an accessible viewing gallery gives visitors a feel for what you are offering and promotes your business.

British Fencing uses Canto to showcase this classic sport with in action duel images that promote the thrill of competing. A gallery also presents an opportunity to stockpile engaging content that’s easily transferable to social media. An up-to-date and easy-to-access viewing gallery helps promote what British Fencing does, and acts as a promotional gateway with easy-to-customize folders.

Sophie DeVooght is the Media and Communications Manager at British Fencing.

“We use portals to share assets and images with our clubs, to help them bring new people to our sport and show the many different faces that make up our fencing community. As we look ahead to the Olympics, we’ll be using portals to share information about our athletes and their inspiring journeys,” Sophie says.

two fencing champions

Share visual guides and tutorials

Sharing any guides or tutorials educates your audience on how you want your business to be represented visually. It also encourages consistency of message, voice and tone. Guides and tutorials are friendly reminders for those who wish to use your visuals.

Malaria No More UK is a nonprofit that combines advocacy and mass awareness-raising campaigns to help end the deadly disease of malaria within a generation. They use Canto to create visually compelling campaigns – helping them share the content with partners all around the world at the click of a button. They use Portals as landing pages for their various awareness-raising brands that cater to different audiences, from media to TikTok influencers. They also use Canto to help create visually compelling campaigns, like their most recent “A World Without Malaria” featuring David Beckham.

tw o david beckham images

A portal makes content publicly accessible, promotes your product or service and ensures third parties are working with the latest version of valuable brand assets. It also presents a great opportunity to educate your audience on the values that matter with accessible and engaging guides.