Slack is collaboration software that connects company team members and allows them to easily share files with one another. Slack lets users search previous conversations to recall important details about a work project. It also has tools that provide insight when necessary.

There are a few stipulations that need to be addressed when considering Slack software, particularly file size limits. It’s important to know the limits to the entire program, including the storage and message limits. File size limits are only a part of a larger equation.

Upload Limits

Slack only allows uploads of one gigabyte files. This is an important factor to consider as you choose if Slack is right for you. Take inventory of your digital assets, both current and future, and assess their size. If you believe the future of the company requires the use of bigger files, such as video files, then Slack might not be a great fit.

Things like small videos, images and documents fit within the Slack size limits. If your business is run using and sharing files well below the one gigabyte range, Slack is a decent fit. However, there are numerous limitations concerning size and communication that need to be examined.

An animated depiction of digital messaging.
Slack uploads are convenient but restricted.

Message Limits

Unlike size and space limits, message limits are a different factor to consider. The main purpose of Slack is to increase team communication. Its messaging works hand-in-hand with the file uploads. Slack has unlimited messages but there are important stipulations that must be taken into consideration.

Message archiving is unfortunately limited. Companies need messages saved for future reference, making this limitation is crucial. The system only saves ten thousand messages, which seems like a lot, but this threshold will be met eventually. Keep this in mind when considering Slack.

How to Increase Storage Size Limit

The size of the file is limited on Slack, but more importantly, a large quantity of acceptably-sized files can still be restricted. This is because Slack places size limits on the amount of storage each workspace has. For the basic Slack plan, which is a free service, the total space allowed for storage is five gigabytes. When you consider the amount of digital uploads teams work with throughout a company’s existence, this probably isn’t enough. Your options are then to upgrade out of a basic plan.

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If needed, there are ways to increase size limits on Slack.

Increase the storage size limit in Slack for your company by upgrading out of the free service. The most important thing to learn about upgrading is the exponential expansion of space you receive over the basic plan. The five gigabytes in the basic plan are for the overall workplace, whereas in the paid plans the limits expand to each user. The standard plan is ten gigabytes for each team member and they have a plus plan that is twenty gigabytes per user.

Slack is a powerful communication tool with limitations. Consider a more comprehensive tool for messaging and sharing files – digital asset management (DAM). DAM is a stronger option because of the enhanced communication features and complete asset storage tools. It even integrates with Slack, allowing teams to stay connected while completing projects.

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